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Just a little update.  We have been having some massive performance issues with the site behind the scenes.  We just now found out what the problem was and we are implementing a fix.

A big thanks for the support team at InMotion hosting for helping us out.

Please let me know by responding to this post if you continue to have issues loading the web page.


    • Glad to hear it. The performance got to bad it was becoming nearly impossible to even write a post.
      Looking at the stats, we should be able to make a little bit more of an improvement. Then we will be where we should be.

  1. Till now site was always a slow load,the articles/comments with knowledge and or entertainment value made it worth it.

    Tis now loading for me very quickly, like you dropped a v-8 with a low profile supercharger onto the site!

    Whomever diagnosed and corrected did a excellent job.

    Honestly though,was for a long time something just not plugged in?

    • We had a few issues that was causing 98% CPU usage on our hosting server. Many optimizations were done, and while all helps some, there were 2 or 3 that made all the difference.

  2. good job & both thumbs up to them server jockeys.

    pageload is very swift now, and opera mini (norway based vpn servers) loads always these days, no timeouts anymore.

    plus: comments go through on first send.


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