When Guns are Outlawed, only outlaws will have sociology.


I’m all for protesting things but I don’t understand how some protests are suppose to be effective.

Multiple sources report that on August 28th a sociology professor from the College of Southern Nevada shot him self in the arm to protest Trump.

At least he didn’t break any laws in his protest. . . oh wait…

He shot him self in a bathroom on campus.

So this professor choose to break some laws (silly ones, but still) to shoot him in the arm with a .22.  Now Professor Mark Bird gets to face charges.

He also left a $100 bill along with a note that it was for the Janitor.

At least he was considerate of others.  I wonder if this guy really thought he would garner sympathy or start a movement.  I also wonder if he was planning suicide and chickened out and came up with the anti-Trump reason later.  Who knows?  Have had been shot in the arm myself, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Here is the link to the Foxnews article.

Now don’t you want a guy like this teaching your children?



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