Damage from a PRI Gasbuster


I had my first lower apart and realized it would be  good chance to show what the PRI Gasbuster Charging Handle has done to this lower.

First you can see how the gasbuster has carved two channels into the lower.  The ears of the gasbuster make it larger and easier to use also have rubbed the finish off the lower.  On the left side there is a damage where the roll pin that holds the latch in place has walked out and gouged the lower.  Newer Gasbusters use a solid pin in place of the old roll pin that was known for breaking.

Lowers will normally worn from the charging handle rubbing against them but I have never seen this much wear from any other brand of charging handle.  Now this might not be normal for the PRI charging handle, this is a RRA lower and there is the possibility it might be out of spec and taller than normal.  But I am lead to believe that it is the PRI product at fault in this case.


  1. Interesting. I’ve had GasBusters on a couple of lowers for years now. Will have to check and see if it’s showing the same wear. Either way I still like them and buy them for anything I’m shooting suppressed.

    • I’m not annoyed by the wear, but it does irritate me that there is a gouge from when the roll pin failed. I have a second gasbuster on a different gun and the lower shows some similar wear, but not as bad.
      I found the gunfighter works well for reducing backpressure to the face, but I have yet to find anything as good as the Gasbuster.

  2. One of my slight annoyances of the AR platform is the amount of wear from operating controls or basic functions.

    Charging handle latch wear on the upper, cam pin wear on the upper, charging handle wear on the lower, and the dust cover detent wearing the upper receiver down at the recess it slide into.

    Seen some companies with fixes here and there but I think the platform would benefit (at least for civilian sales) with replaceable components in those aforementioned areas.


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