When Guns are Outlawed only Outlaws will have Video Games


I am not so old as to have gray hairs, but I remember long ago listening to people rant about the problems caused by Rock and/or Roll.  They would preach how the world was formed perfect, then the taint of this loud profane music ruined everything.  Before, there was no war, violence, premarital sex, venereal disease, or Islam, but all was ruined by Lucifer’s words leaking out of Elvis’ lips.

Sadly, these well-meaning elders of ours were wrong, they picked the lesser of two evils.  They did not have the insight and technological prowess to realize the real scourge of the earth, video games.

Some of the foolish misguided few might talk of silliness like security, mental health, or personal responsibility, but they are wrongly shifting the blame from the true threat, Q-Bert and company.

People were too trusting and did not realize that evils such as the transsexual Ms. Pac-Man was teaching people to pop pills and believe in the paranormal ghosts.  These poor victims of the arcade were being robbed of their quarters while their head was being filled by the excrement of Satan’s anus.

People will always be quick to point fingers away from what they care about and unto the things they don’t, but we need to band together and point out the real threat to our perfect Christian society; the Nintendo Entertainment System.

I really wish I didn’t have to hear and read crap like this constantly.

There has been a resurgence of this in my local media after a shooting at a video game competition in Florida.  They were playing an ultra violent football game called Madden 19.  Where are the cries to ban football?  For the children, of course.  The Connecticut State Attorney showed that apparently school shooter Adam Lanza was a big fan of the horrifying violent game Dance Dance Revolution.  Where are the cries from the Mothers of America demanding that dancing be banned?

Back in 2012 our loser rep LaPierre tried to blame violent video games for school shootings.  Even back in 2012 Trump tweeted blaming video games.  President Trump has backed off from that stance.  On the other side kids and adult who play games are pointing fingers at gun owners claiming that firearms are the source of all evils.

There are a few simple parts to this:

  • Blaming video games makes us look stupid.  Very stupid.
  • Blaming media helps promote fans and creators of these forms of media to blame us.  They already want to shift the blame and they would gladly point it at us.
  • This doesn’t help SOLVE any issues.

I think many would rather blame someone else then look at the real root causes of problems, or taking responsibility for security and self defense, etc.  It is the easy way out.  I think all the Call of Duty and similar violent games helped make a whole lot of people who have grown up to be gun owners.  I used to hear of people who bought a Beretta due to Lethal Weapon, or a .44 due to Dirty Harry.  Now I meet many a person who bought an ACR or SCAR due to Call of Duty.  Hell, I’d bet that half the public sales of the Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR and the FN SCAR come from people who fell in love with them from using them in video games.

In the end, trying to blame a form of media is just going to make things worse for us.  It doesn’t help anyone.


  1. To quote HL Mencken ” These people are haunted by the thought that someone, somewhere might be having a good time”.
    And the idea of personal responsibility is anathema to these people because it might apply to them too…


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