The world is a dangerous place. especially in China , the land of exploding chairs,where  even something as mundane as a walkway is waiting to end your life.

This is the horrifying moment a 10-year-old girl in northern China got stuck on a moving walkway just after taking a step.

The incident occurred inside a shopping mall in Guyuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (NHAR) on Aug. 9, Sina News reported.

In the security footage, the girl can be seen heading for the walkway with a smaller companion.

But just after taking a step, the panel she stood on collapsed, leaving her right foot and leg stuck on the conveyor.

The smaller girl fell with her companion but extended her legs to keep them from the same fate.

A female bystander from the opposite walkway rushed to the girls’ aid and called for help.   Something I might add, is a rare thing there as recent news stories show a fellow Chinese citizen is more likely to ignore your death throes, encourage you to kill yourself while filming it or even taking your money and any jewelry before they arrive to tag and  bag whats left of you.

Seconds later, a man pushed the emergency stop button.

Three more people rushed towards the girl.

Firefighters eventually arrived and pulled the girl to safety.

She was then brought to a hospital for treatment, according to The Paper.

It is unclear who will face consequences over the incident

We are going to guess… NO ONE will face consequences over the incident..  In a land of exploding computer chairs, bridges, bikes,  cell phones, air..  food,.  The people of China can rest assured they will be safe from seeing  or reading  things on the internet  that may remind them  just how awful their lives are  in the communist dictatorship, even if they risk death from something as unlikely as walking by a pot of fake flowers  that explode or using an escalator. 


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