This short video was sent to  us by Alex, who is a friend to the website.   Alex owns one of the rare Colt IAR uppers and fired it on full auto.     The Colt IAR   was colt’s submission for possible adoption for the USMCs new automatic rifle. Of course the HK  won. Not because it was better,  released documents showed the colt submission performed better, but because HK  has the ability to influence things beyond the actually quality of their firearms.. ahem.


Alex fired the gun on full auto with a magazine  about half and half of Federal Fusion  and M855. You can tell the difference in the cyclic rate while he is shooting,


    • yes I have them some where. IF I dont still have them I can get them back, a fan of the website sent the FOIA request that got those documents of the testing and sent it to us. also try google searching the IAR tests FOIA and weaponsman com, I gave them to Kevin to post as I didn’t feel like making a post about them myself. his commentary on some of it will still be up on weaponsman still

  1. HK influence has to do with their close relationship with JSOC., and former JSOC members that now work for them. JSOC has to much influence within DOD. The last 17 years has proven this to be true, so will Just One More Raid Win The War?


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