A look at the LaRue RAT stock


Lets take a quick look at the LaRue Tactical RAT stock.  The stock has an ambidextrous QD swivel socket and a slot for standard slings.  To adjust the stock, you pull the “trigger” in it to the rear.  This makes for quick and easy adjustments.

There is a little rotating dial that can be easily turned 90 degrees.  When it is vertical you can pull the trigger back farther and easily remove the stock from the weapon.  When the knob handle is horizontal the stock won’t come off the firearm.

This stock has a hard plastic buttpad, and a profile like a subdued SOPMOD stock.  Perhaps more like the B5 Bravo stock in shape.

Pushing a recessed button with a tool, such as a rifle round allows you to remove the buttpad.

Then you can push on these inserts in the stock revealing the stored cleaning rod sections.

The left and right plastic inserts each hold two cleaning rod sections.  The 4 sections screw together to be 24 3/4 inches long.  Then you can screw it to the buttpad to give you a handle.

I really like the idea of having a cleaning rod on the weapon but I don’t understand why Larue Tactical decided to put the rods in holders in the stock.  It seems to me that they could have just had holes in the stock to hold the rod sections and it would have been a little quicker and simpler.  I thought perhaps these inserts might have been to prevent noise or rattling when the weapon is moved, but you can still hear a little noise when this stock is shaken.

I haven’t tried cleaning or clearing a stuck case with one of these rods and I tend to prefer lighter smaller stocks, but this is a cool option available to us.

Right as I was about to submit this, I see that there is a small storage compartment in the stock, just large enough that you could probably fit an eyelet or borebrush and some patches.  I wonder if the RAT would be more popular had it come with an eyelet, borebrush, and a couple of patches and sold as a stock with a cleaning kit.


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