A Look At Early Larue Optics Mounts


Today I probably won’t get much up other than this.  Hopefully there will be  a bit more later this evening but most likely this is the post for the day.  Longer articles to resume tomorrow.


Everyone knows Larue and his excellent optics mounts. In my opinion the best  QD bases and rings in existence.  There was a time when all Mark  was known for was the old falling larue steel targets that reset themselves.   Take a Dolorean back to the past  and have a look at some of Mark’s early scope bases and rings.


My apologies the pictures are not oriented in a sensible way. Despite editing them and rotating them when uploaded they still keep posting this way. Also the quality of the pictures  leave something to be desired but again, I can’t do much.  They are  a picture of a picture more or less.  Maybe that is for the best because some of ML’s early work there in those pictures  isn’t all that easy on the eyes anyway…


Things sure have come a long way.


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