Col Owen G. Birtwistle’s Singer


Today Rock Island Auction has put up a video of their newest treasure.  The video  gives a look at very special Singer. Of course we aren’t talking about a sewing machine . we are talking about the  greatest handgun every devised.  The Model 1911.   This example is a Singer made  1911 so rare that we aren’t even sure how rare it  really is.  Reports of around only 500 made before singer stopped to make other things needed for the war effort.   Of course the war, loss, being used up and destroyed or simply mixed up with other parts have made the Singer 1911s even more rare.  One in this condition is  like a miracle.   While talking with a friend about this video and gun he submitted that the gun should even be sold.  We both agree that the gun should have been buried with it’s master.  The  gun was clearly dear to the  Colonel. Him having  kept it immaculate all those years.   It is easy for me to think it should be in the NRA museum in Fairfax or in the family still or buried with the Colonel, to perform its loyal duty by his side forever. I am a romantic like that.   But then again I like the idea of guns like this being in the public  so people can touch and handle it and interact it with real history in a tactile way.    But, no doubt some super rich collector will buy this and it will not see the light of day again until the next owner dies.   Or  maybe some not so rich  guy  will buy it ( and end up divorced for spending that much ) who can really say?    Maybe you will be that guy when the gun goes up for auction shortly.




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