Two teens are behind bars after Nye County deputies say they stabbed their mother to death.


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I bet you already know where this is going from that opening.


“On July 30, the Nye County Sheriff’s Office received a missing person’s report on 46-year-old Dawn Liebig.

“When deputies responded to the 6300 block of Wedgewood Street in Pahrump, they encountered 17-year-old Dakota Saldivar and 17-year-old Michael Wilson..”

Two teens who are the same age have the same mother and have differenet last names.   What good can come of that I ask?

“The teens initially provided a statement to police that Liebig simply disappeared and they had not heard from her.

Deputies found inconsistencies with their story and conducted additional interviews and a search of their cell phones.

During additional interviews, the juveniles then claimed that Liebig was suicidal and asked them to assist her in suicide. They reported that at her request, she asked for them to stab her to death.”

So it was a act of mercy?  She wanted to die and they just acted out of compassion to grant her an end to her suffering.

“The juveniles told us they waited until she fell asleep, then attacked her. They recounted stabbing and bludgeoning their mother. They also told us that this attack lasted approximately half an hour while Liebig fought for her life,” said Sgt. Tippets.”

That doesn’t seem to line up with some one wanting  you to help them die. That sounds like the exact opposite!

“One of the juveniles led detectives to a shallow grave in the desert where the body of Dawn Liebig was discovered. The other juvenile led detectives to the general area of the murder weapons,” said Nye County Sergeant Adam Tippets. More interviews were conducted and both juveniles finally confessed that a few hours prior to the murder, they had a fight with Liebig and were tired of her parenting style and demands on them.”

I guess it was unreasonable to ask them to take out the trash,stop playing Xbox or take a shower.   Who could stand up to such demands?

The juveniles sound more like they have the cold blooded murderous  personalities of the heartless career criminal to me.  May be time to stop referring to them  as “juveniles” and try and execute them as the abominations that they are.

In other news. This one taking place in Howard’s stomping grounds.



“Four-year-old Je’Hyrah Daniels was screaming as her mother dragged her toward the Hillsborough River on Thursday afternoon, waded into the water, tossed her in and left her to die, witnesses told police.

Je’Hyrah died at St. Joseph’s Hospital less than an hour later.

Shakayla Denson, 26, was charged with murder, aggravated child abuse and grand theft of a motor vehicle. She was booked into the Hillsborough County jail late Thursday and is being held without bond.

The chaos started at 3:09 p.m. Thursday when Denson stole a gray Nissan Altima from Jordan Auto Repair, 5604 N. 40th Street, according to police.”

“Things just unraveled from there,” Chief of Police Brian Dugan said during a news conference Friday morning.

Yes chief, I would say things did unravel from there indeed. I can see why this guy is in charge.

“Witnesses say they observed her forcibly push a child into the backseat of the car. One witness attempted to intervene and was struck by the car as she fled the scene.”

Denson drove the stolen car to the river and parked on Rome Avenue just north of West Aileen Street, where witnesses watched as she forcibly took Je’Hyrah out of the car”

“She started dragging Je’Hyrah by the arm and heads toward the Hillsborough River,” Dugan said. “Witnesses report that the child was screaming and at one time, both the child and the mother were screaming.”

Denson grabbed the girl with both arms, pulled her close to her chest as she waded into the water, continuing until the water was near the top of her shoulders and then let Je’Hyrah go. She then turned around toward the river bank and walked south down Rome Avenue.

By about 4 p.m., Tampa police had received multiple calls reporting that a woman had thrown a child into the river just north of the Columbus Drive Bridge. Officers rushed to the scene, and by 4:16 p.m. Tampa police divers had began searching for Je’Hyrah.

At about 4:30 p.m., a diver pulled the 4-year-old girl out of the river about 75 feet from the bank not far from where her mother tossed her in, police said.

Je’Hyrah was rushed to St. Joseph’s, but was pronounced dead at 4:49 p.m.

Moments later, just after 5 p.m., police found Denson walking in the 2300 block of North Oregon Avenue — less than a mile from the scene — and she was taken into police custody.”

It is hard for most people to image the  thoughts and minds of the kind of sub-human animal that would do such a thing.   All one can do in response it to put her to death in the most painful way hands can devise.

Now in the mid-west. Where those middle-America values are still as strong as ever.

Police: IN father didn’t call 911 after child’s meth overdose


SEYMOUR, IN (WAVE) – A father accused and jailed in the death of his young son could have his bond reduced.

Curtis Gilbert Collman, 41, has been charged with neglect that led to the death of a dependent and possession of meth.

Detectives said his eight-year-old son, Curtis Collman III, accidentally ingested meth while in his father’s custody. The amount of meth he consumed was enough to kill a grown man, according to officials.

Anyone that is a parent, you know, would be emotionally upset,” Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Detective Tom Barker told WAVE 3 News. “It kind of hits home if you have kids.”

“Your worst nightmare as a parent,” Jackson County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant said.

Apparently for some people it is not their worst nightmare.

But, that parent did just the opposite Chalfant believes.

Around 10 a.m. on June 21, Collman noticed his son was falling ill. He reached out to a friend who came over and advised the child might need medical care, according to police documents.

The father then took his friend’s cell phone to prevent her from calling 911. He also pointed a gun at her and threatened her life, according to police. Collman and his son then drove to his mother’s house, police said.

Curtis Collman II (Source: Jackson County Detention Center)

I will spare you most the details of story  about the actions of NOT  Father of year.
“You have an eight year old child that most likely suffered for many hours,” Barker said. “It upsets you.”  Indeed it does.
The story is always the same with these  offal. Living in squalor , neglecting anything that doesn’t involve getting more drugs. destroying anyone and anything that gets in the way of acquiring more dope.
Now we come to my favorite part of these stories,  where we learn the scumbag has a long well known record of being the worst humanity has to offer.

“Collman also faces charges for pointing a firearm, theft and failure to register as a sex offender. He requested a bond reduction so he could spend time at home with his parents while awaiting trial. The judge will decide by close of business Friday if the bond will be lowered.

Both Barker and Chalfant said they’ll fight to keep Collman behind bars.

Collman’s previous criminal record includes trafficking and sexual misconduct with a minor.”

Why? How?  This man is a known sex offender, pedo and all around dirt bag  and the “authorities ” knew this and yet he was out on the street.   We can thank that revolving door justice system.  Little Curtis can thank modern criminal justice system for that. RIP.

Curtis Collman III (Source: Family photo)

Happy Monday folks.



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