ARFCOM User Makes Wooden AK


A user over on the armpit of internet gun forums, General Discussion, has made his son a wooden AK for his birthday. He some what documented his process which you can see below.  All text below is his as well as his pictures( obviously). Go check the thread out for more details.

My Yugo M70AB2 as a starting point.

He asked if I could make it “functional”, so I figured out a rudimentary recoil spring setup and used a sliding, deadbolt kinda door lock thing I found at Home Depot for a “rail” for the bolt to slide on

Cut the threaded end off a clamp connector, glued it on my flash hider and glued the nut in my suppressor.

Mag release isn’t functional, I used a magnet inside the magwell to hold it in place.


  1. Don’t let NJ or Pa. see you do that!

    Cody Wilson will be in touch how to make it “More realistic” when your son is ready!

    Nice job!


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