It Came From Ebay


If there is one thing i like about ebay, it’s that you can find all kinds of oddball stuff there that you didn’t even know you wanted.   I like to browse through the  zillions of pages of military surplus stuff. You can find some really handy items there.    This is one of those things.

Some guy was and I assume stills, selling this little drums.  They are  resealable containers for  who even knows what.   They are never used and in great shape.    I’m always needing something to store something in.  Ammo, parts, food, batteries,cocaine,  extra cans of coca-cola, the usual stuff.   These cans are supposedly safe to store food in. They are air and water right but I would only store something like MREs or canned food  inside  or dry food like rice  and oatmeal or beans and I would make sure that all that stuff was in turn sealed in a plastic bag before it went into the can.

The top has this rubber gasket and a nut and bolt to tighten it down. It is a very slick trick.    No doubt you could keep stuff nice and dry and protected for a long time in these.

The size is the only downside I guess. I know some people will want something they can stick entire assembled rifles down into.  I like this size myself, its about all I would need for what I have in mind.  You can see  from the picture above that a few handguns would fit in it or spare mags.  The imagination is the only limit.


If you were  or are still in the military and know what these things are used for please let us know in the comments below.


    • Yeah I really wanted to see more of his cache site posts and stuff like that. If I knew anything about it at a level I could talk about with any intelligence I would try my hand at it. alas, I don’t sad to say . I think I will repost those four parters here though.

  1. “Ammo, parts, food, batteries,cocaine,extra cans of coke-cola,the usual stuff”.Hmmmm….,add some rum to that can and you have the makings of one hell of a party,albeit a dangerous party!


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