EXTRA Carry CCW Mag Pouch


A couple years ago, maybe longer I was sent this magazine holder thing for review.


The reason it has taken me so long is  I just couldn’t figure out the best way to use this thing.   As you can see the idea is to clip it into a pocket.

The problem is that the magazine is not indexed in a way that makes it easy to grab. Especially if you are in a hurry .  The section with the clip rakes at the hand.

It does go down into the pocket as it is meant to but it just isn’t fast to get out.   If you bought this to use as your only spare magazine carry pouch  I think that is a bad idea.  As and extra  one in addition to your belt mounted  pouch.. I think that would be OK.  Long as you realize it’s limitations.

The kydex  pouch has a clip that will rotate to let you put it on and off and its strong. It is a very positive and secure set up.   ON the other hand the pouch does not have any real retention.  The mag will fall out of you end upside down.

If you want to buy one and try it cause you think it might be for you, OK.  If you don’t, I doubt will regret i missing out  on it or anything.  I have no strong feelings on it one way or the other but I will say it doesn’t offer up anything for my personal uses.


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