The Stages of 1911 Ownership


Saw this online and after I finished laughing I just had to share it.


  1. Im surprised to hear so many people complain of jams. All the years back when i was competing the only time I saw one jam was when someone monkeyed with it or some kind of ammo issue.

    • I’ve heard a story about a person witnessing someone with a new Les Baer having multiple issues. Finally goes over and sees that the shooters reloads had crumpled brass. The observed found that the shooter had filled the brass to the top with powder and used a hammer to attempt to seat the bullets.
      Of course it was the guns fault for not working right.

      • Good lord. So much cringe right there. I tell my buddies when they talk about getting they’re own 1911s ( guys who are essentially new to shooting and arnt “gun guys”) that the 1911 is like a classic car. If you don’t know all the intricacies it’s going to give you trouble.
        The only 1911 my dad had the ever hiccuped was a swenson commander. Wouldn’t go into battery at about every 100 rounds. Turned out it just had the wrong size link on the barrel. Swapped it out and ran fine. But again that was one that had been built up not a factory gun.

        • I have never had any problems with a 1911. But I stick to Shawn’s rule of M1911s. If it costs under 700 or over 1500 its going to have problems one is too cheap, the other is too specialized. either way both of those conditions are not good for a combat carry 1911

    • the people who complain about jams usually have the cheapest crap on the market. People tend to forget there are a helluva lot of makers of the 1911 on the market, and most of them are not made correctly. But people see the people with crap guns talking about how the 1911 isnt reliable. When the patents and such for the glock expires and we see 200 different companies making copies of it, we will see how the reputation of the then generic term ” glock” will be. Sometimes I often suspect a lot of the claims of jamming is just BS people repeat on the gun boards cause its currently really cool to take a dump on the 1911. A few weeks ago I was on the phone with the editor of SWAT magazine. I told him how much I enjoyed one of his articles on sub compact 1911s, as he had pointed out that they are as reliable as any if you remember they are veyr high performance and are meant to have the recoil spring changed every 500 rounds since they were never meant to be used as SAWs. I mentioned to him I think going online and just making a big bold claim that 1911s are just junk has become a way for some of the lesser known gun instructors to get their name more attention and to gin up controversy so people are talking about them, and he agreed with me. You take a gun that has been around over 100 years and done fine service and it still the most popular in the uS and suddenly the last few years the thing just is worthless and wont work? lol please. This dawned on me after my M14 article and the amount of attention it got and how many shares and discussion and butt hurt it caused. Hell if you say something slightly negative about anything a lot of people like you can cause a lot of people to look your way. Not always for the better. I didnt really intend for the M14 thing to turn into a monster that still gets me insulted, but it did. But a “gun celebrity ” would already know how to play that game and know how to use it. i.e. “the 1911 isnt reliable!! As a friend who likes 1911s told another friend who thinks the glock is the end all be all. A lot of guys carrying 1911s walked all over the ashes and rubble of the country that makes those glocks and they didn’t have any complaints then.

      • So true. It really has been only recently that every one dumps on it too. Just 10 years ago i remember people looking down on the glocks. The 1911 being the king of the matches. The only valid complaint in my opinion would be round count. Everything is just bitching.
        I remember reading the M14 article and thinking it overly harsh at the time but the more you really look at it and the history the more it makes sense. Like Ian pointed out one time, it took us 12 years to develop and the Italians did it 6. And it really shouldn’t have been that long to begin with since it’s essentially just slapping a mag on a Garand (yeah theres more but really thats the biggest ) and that was already toyed with in 1944 i think. So yeah once people realize that then I think they will get where your coming from and why it’s not gods gift. People just close their minds too much.

        It does get me thinking though, I wonder if some of the legend comes from people getting ratty rusted, corroded, and just generally beat to hell M16s and it made a mediocre M14 seem fantastic by comparison. Heard some horror stories of early-mid 60s batches of M16s. So maybe that was the genesis of the legend. (Reinforced by the constant complaining from the Springfield armory team)

        • Yeah i think that is part of it. One friend said he didnt like the AR15 for years. come to find out his opinion was based on some Nam era M16s totaly worn out he shot in the ROTC in college for a day. Now, a logical person not a complete idiot would look at a 30 year old worn out guna nd say” well yeah it is worn so maybe they all ain’t bad” especially since he has never held literally any other gun in his life. But that isn’t his style haha. Honestly a lot of people are like that. They decide something is just junk based off a story from old Dad or some guy who knows their father in law’s cousin said one time etc etc

          The M14 article. I didnt think it was harsh when I was writing it. In fact while writing it I thought I was making it clear I was talking about the match or sniper variants. I did want to be hard on it in all its variants but I figured I would get too much hate for that. HAHAHA! If I only knew just how people would react anyway I would have went ahead with my original plan to talk about the M14

          • Oh no, it wasn’t that bad it was just the bursting of my bubble that made me think it was harsh initially. Haha.

  2. well.
    i own two model 1911’s and like any firearm it can Fail for whatever reason.
    but using the top magazines and ammo in them lessons the chance of fail to feed fail to fire, fail to eject ext.
    and i carry either one of mine because I KNOW HOW THEY OPERATE, AND KEEPING UP THE MAINTENANCE OF THEM.

    • In my 32 years of using the M1911, exclusively Colt, I have never had any trouble from any of the, apart from some one asks me to try out some el cheapo magazine they just bought or some piss poor handloads I was asked to try out. I bet I have fired more rounds through a 1911 than many casual shooters have fired from everything they have ever fired put together.

  3. The majority of jams to the 1911 are caused by cheap underpowered ammunition, dirty weapons and limp wrists. As previously mentioned, there are now many manufacturers of the 1911, NOT all of them producing top quality pistols. Proper personal research and maintenance should help eliminate most of the malfunctions.

  4. I have shot 1911 for the last 25 years very very seldom have I ever had a problem with any of them and when you do get a problem at least 90% of the time its with a tired spring in the magazine or a cheap magazine that was no good to start with. I have shot and owned different colts, spring fields ,and currently a stainless Ruger 1911 all were fine weapons and extremely reliable . that’s why I always carry a 1911 if shtf I have peace of mind knowing I have the one of most reliable weapons made at my finger tips . wouldn’t trust mine or my familys life to anything less .

  5. A few years ago, I found myself out of work and struggled finding a new one that didn’t pay peanuts. In order to keep a roof over our heads, I had to sell almost all of my firearms including all 4 of my 1911s. Once I found a good job, the first ones I replaced were my 1911s. Ergo, I didn’t find this all that funny as I’ve never owned a 1911 that has ever jammed.

  6. #1 problem for the 1911 is the same as all box magazine-fed semi-autos: the magazine. Give a 1911 cheap-assed mags, and you will have problems. Give an AR cheap-assed magazines and you will have problems. Repeat for every box-fed semi-auto out there. It’s true in every case.

    #2 problem (IMO) for modern 1911’s is that many outfits making modern 1911’s have this tendency to tighten up the allowances/tolerances on the gun without understanding which can be made tighter (and how far) and which don’t really matter (and just hurt reliability).

    Right there, I’ve hit the vast majority of cycling issues for the 1911. I’ve talked to GI’s and Marines who served in Vietnam who had to pack around 1911’s that sounded like a box of spare parts, they were so clapped out – but they always worked. I know one gentleman locally who was a USMC tunnel rat in Vietnam – and you cannot, for any money or amount of breath, convince this gentleman that there is a pistol superior to the 1911. As he said of Glocks: “Where were they when I needed them?” A guy who had the balls to go underground with a flashlight and a 1911, solo? I’m not going to tell him any different about pistols. He’s “been there, done that,” and he did it with a clapped-out 1911.

    Most people forget (or never knew) that the US Army put the 1911 through a 6,000 round acceptance test before it became the US pistol of 1911. The 1911 had to fire 6,000 rounds with no stoppages allowed but for lubrication every 1,000 rounds. The 1911 passed – and that’s how it became the 1911, and not the “Colt .45 Auto.” The Luger (in .45 ACP) was a contender in this test, but it couldn’t withstand the tests the Army put to the pistol entries.

    Last issue: I can detail (not field, but detail) strip a GI 1911 with no tools other than a small stick/pencil/pen and a .45 ACP case. Show me how many plastic fantastics can be detail stripped without tools. That’s not an accident, BTW – that’s per design.

    • Everything you have just said I have said a 100 times myself. AS far as the detailed stripping, a very well known trainer a couple years ago told me with a straight face that is a weakness of the 1911. No joke. Of course he shills springfield XDs as the greatest handgun made, but when he he said that about the 1911 he lost all credibility with me. A lot of trainers in a crowded field like to say provocative and insulting things about beloved and reliable guns so they can get people talking about them and generate some reputation.


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