How low will they go?


$360 dollar AR15 for sale here.

Prices on guns are at an amazingly low price.  I know that gunshops I have talked to are hurting for sales.  Now is really the best time to buy if there is something you want, and a terrible time to be selling.

To paraphrase a quote, “The problem with being in a golden age is that you don’t know it is a golden age when you are in it.”  Take advantage of this time while it lasts.


  1. I foretold fellow gunsmiths and AR guys that this day was coming – back in early 2013. Even back then, there was an impressive number of companies making AR components. After Obama’s push for gun control in 2013, the AR production base took off just as a “up yours!” to the sainted Lightbringer. It took longer than I expected, that much is true, so I don’t exactly look like Nostradamus here.

    The AR industry has over-built capacity – everywhere, in everything. Margins have to compress, because more and more people are discovering that there’s very little difference between various parts suppliers when it comes to making a merely functional AR. Really, how many people can see a difference between ‘this’ or ‘that’ lower receiver? Or the upper receiver (where there are actual differences, if we’re talking about match guns vs. normal guns. Barrels certainly have differences, but we’ve added huge barrel capacity to the US firearms industry since 2012.

    In short, the ability to ban AR’s at this point is about like trying to legislate that water “shall not be wet.” Obama claimed he could stop the oceans from rising, but he couldn’t stop AR production from ramping up to world-war levels of production capacity.

    • For good and for ill, we’re going to be drowning in these things for a long, long time.

      In the eye of this beholder, good = ARs are handy little rifles for what they are. Bad = AR overproduction has contributed to a serious stagnation in the state of the art in gun design.

      Brownell’s emailed me about a $360 AR the other day. That’s what AKs were running in the late ’90s, which is sort of scary if you think about how much simpler an AK is compared to an AR.

      -John M.


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