First Look At Colt’s New Delta Elite 10mm



I mentioned a few weeks ago, before the NRA 2016 convention, that Colt told me I’d be getting the new 10mm after it was announced at the NRA show.  As promised the gun showed up today.  If you saw the video interview with colt I posted from the show , you already  heard some of the quick basics on it.  It’s essentially what I’ve always wanted from a M1911 in 10mm.   It’s set up with most of the features of the old (now discontinued) Colt XSE line.  That is, all the more custom attention to detail.  I have shot it a little bit this evening, noting serious yet, and a proper 2 or 3 part review like I usually do will come soon.  Being so new I wanted to go ahead and give everyone a quick look with some pictures of it. With any luck I may just be the first one to do so.



The Delta has my personal favorite sights on it, the Novak front and rear.




Cocking serrations are of the new standard style as seen on all new Colts. The wider type used originally on the USMC M45A1 MARSOC gun.


Like the XSEs, it has the scallop under the trigger for a higher better grip. It also has the three hole trigger. The trigger on the new gun is excellent, very clean , crisp and light.  The rubber grips are slim and have the classic delta triangle.


The Delta is dehorned for carry. There are no sharp corners anywhere but where they are supposed to be.  The camera and sunlight do not show the roll mark well, but normally it is easy to see.  The sunlight, digital camera and white background did not do it any favors in this case.

014   It is of course a 10mm. The gun uses the USGI recoil guide and the dual springs of previous delta elites and the M45A1.  Recoil is very soft in this gun, because of this, the recoil is not at all as sharp as previous delta elites I have owned.


It has the right side wilson combat extended safety that many prefer and the S&A up-swept beaver tail grip safety we all like. Being a colt it has a forged frame, slide barrel and slide lock among other things, NOT MIM or cast like many other brands. It already has me excited to be testing it over the coming days.  More pictures will be coming with a propper review, along with accuracy testing and general punishment and abuse.