The KRISS  V has been out for a while now and its probably fairly known to most.  Seems after an initial interest , has not had the huge burst in popularity that a lot of people thought it would.  The gun in its martial form is a submachine gun. Closer to a machine pistol in my opinion.   Chambered in te always effective .45 ACP and fed with glock magazine it makes a handy, very compact piece.



A friend of the website and sometime guest writer purchased this one and had it SBRed into the configuration it was obviously meant to be used in for best results.  While the gun can be used as a pistol. it is much more effective with the folding stock which will come as no surprise. The  owner mounted a RMR to the weapon and it did not take us long to determine a higher mount was needed.  While the RMR can be used as it is seen in the picture above, the lower mount had a side effect we did not anticipate.   The V , when operating imparts a very strange vibration through the shoulder stock. It is not recoil exactly as it has no real noticeable recoil.But the gun does have a very distinct vibration transmitted through the shoulder stock and into the cheek.  A few rounds and you don’t really notice it. But sustained fire and rapid fire really brings it to you attention and it becomes annoying then slightly painful.   To be clear, the stock does not wobble nor is it loose or poorly made or fitted to the gun. It is exactly what I said, it is a vibration like through a tuning fork that rings through the stock.   With the higher mounted RMR and a more comfy cheek weld, it is almost totally eliminated

The V ‘s controls are fairly easy to use and have decent placement. It is not as ergonomic as an AR15, but that’s not what this type of weapon is about.  While it has a forward portion for holding it with the support hand, we both felt that is i best used with some VFG added.

We fired the gun a bit and got used to it.  The KRISS only failed us when using one of the Korean glock mags.  With higher quality mags it works fine and needs little care. The trigger is not an SSA but is workable. It is about what you would expect for something like this. Over all it is very  fun to shoot and handy.    After getting to know it, we fired some groups using some hollow points and ball.


At 25 yards the first group is from PMC Starfire.  Though it is not as popular as it was in the old days, the PMC HP is usually always pretty accurate in my experience and it showed here as the best HP round the gun shot.


Next up was the Winchester PDX1 round.  It strung  the shots vertical and mixed with another group fired at the target below it.  Picture shown is best group from the Winchester round.


Target above shows 3 rounds of a 6 round string of Remington Golden Saber.  Only three because the other two rounds did not stay on paper.  The Golden Saber round has never been very accurate in my use of it. I know other like it. But I have never had it impress me.


Target above was fired with 6 rounds of Federal Ball  230 grain FMJ !   Off hand no less.  The gun has show a liking to ball ammo above HPs.  I admit I do not know enough about the  weapon to comment on if it was meant to work with FMJ ammo mainly or not, but this one likes it.


The above target shows a full magazine fire off hand at 50 yards with the gun using the RMR mini red dot.  For such a short barrel and firing ball ammo from such a short barrel in a gun that is a compact SMG, I think it is hard to ask for much more.  The V folds up into a very compact and easily deployed  package. It fits into small back packs or any other covert carrying bag. It takes seconds to get it out and the stock folded into place to get it into action.  With a suppressor in place there is not doubt it would not be very loud.  With the extended magazines loaded without choice of anti personnel hollow points the KRISS would make a heck of a low profile system that would fill any close range needs.