If It Saves Just One Life!.. Unless It’s You Gun Owners


If it saves just one child’s life, isn’t it worth it?   We keep hearing that along with that other old chestnut ; “No one is gonna take your guns”.   The side of peace and tolerance  is just trying to save lives.

Except that is just not true.  They hate you. They hate me.  It is not about saving any one’s life. They hate us and our way of life. They hate our values and they are willing to kill, or have the state kill us. to get what they want.     The following are some screen shots taken from the Facebook page “Death Threats From Gun Control Advocates” and  post just like these and worse are posted  hourly and sometimes by the minute depending on the 24 hour news cycle.

These people are not just fellow citizens with a different political opinion. They see us as  people who need to be suppressed and destroyed.    None of these are made up or edited.  As I said, they are screen shots from real people.   Read them and think about that this election.