The end of the Rifleman?


Colt AR15A4

A couple of weekends ago I was firing my AR15A4 at the range.  During a cease fire I was thinking about all the comments I’ve heard since the USMC switched to the M4 and High Power allowing optics up to 4.5 power.

Invariably there were the assorted comments about marksmanship coming to an end with people just spraying and praying, so it got me thinking. . .
Didn’t marksman ship end when we moved away from real steel and wood rifles to these plastic & aluminum toys?
Or wasn’t supposed to end when we moved to those newfangled repeating rifles allowing people to waste rounds with rapid fire?
I mean, that magazine feed bolt action allowed a lousy shot to quickly waste another round, didn’t that spell the end of marksmanship?
Switching to those small caliber high velocity rounds meant people would shoot more to less effect, pumping all those wimpy .30 cals rounds out. SOURCE
That breach loading rifle let cowards hide behind cover and shoot faster instead of standing tall to fight the enemy with better aim and marksmanship.
Clearly marksmanship has been going downhill ever since conscripts were handed long arm firearms instead of being forced to practice with the bow.

Perhaps it is not the equipment, but the skill, mentality, and tactics of the individual that would make someone a rifleman.