Larue Tactical Arctic Cold Weather/ Snow Testing


Last night while chatting with another Looseroundes writer, I was told that dubious youtube gun personality “nuts n fancy ”  fired a Larue rifle and decided it “sucks”  because it supposedly will not work in cold weather.  Or from him knarfing it up.    Doesn’t matter.   With a major arctic storm about to hit hours later, my confidant suggested I make a video testing the Larue I had on hand  to see what happens.  That was good enough reason for me and it seemed like it make for a fun little test.


The weather this morning was not for swimming at all.  But perfect to test a rifle that supposedly can not take the cold and still work.    I took the Larue tactical upper I have on hand that belongs to Howard, and put it on a Colt 6940 lower and set it outside facing into the wind to “cold soak”



After a few hours of freezing and being snowed on, I went back outside and busted it out of its icy coffin.



I set it back down, went to get my camera.  I had to get the camera at the last minute because the wind was causing the controls to freeze up and drain the battery.  The pictures I took above and one more, was all I could get from my digital camera before the cold drained the battery to zero.

Below is the youtube upload of me shooting the Larue.   It is in two parts because my ever helpful dog ran into the target back ground before I could finish. so I had to wait until he leaves. That is why it is in two parts.






As you can see, it worked fine and  continued to work fine long after my hands and face would not. I am not exactly a blind worshiping fan boy when it comes to Larue.  I think they are great, but by no means the ultimate in everything.  But it is absurd to say they do not work, or are not tough.  Not to be ignored is the Colt lower  working just like Colt in the same conditions as well as the Okay brand USGI mag.

As a last note the Aimpoint T1 performed superbly as well. Just like I knew it would.