Scalarworks LDM/micro Mount, Initial Thoughts


The generous guys at Scalarworks ( were kind enough to send me one of their 1/3 Low Drag Mounts (LDM)  for Aimpoint Micro’s to review. I have been following the LDM development for a while and was very interested in the mount. It’s lightweight, skeleton construction seamed perfect for a lightweight fast carbine.  I wanted to get my quick, initial thoughts out and post some pictures.

Scalarworks LDM Aimpoint Micro Mount
Scalarworks LDM Aimpoint Micro Mount

I have to say, after opening the packaging and getting my hands on the LDM, I was extremely happy.  This thing is light. It felt like it weighed less than the small cardboard box it came in. I immediately mounted it up on a Colt AR6720 and was very pleased. I really like the scalloped thumbwheel construction,  used to mount the LDM. Also, the LDM just looks badass.

Scalarworks LDM
Scalarworks LDM / Left Side
Scalarworks LDM / Right side
Scalarworks LDM / Right Side

Construction and mounting the LDM  is rock solid, lightweight and low profile.  I have several of the popular / well built / reliable micro mounts, and on initial inspection of the Scalarworks LDM, I can say it does not disappoint.

Colt AR6720 w/ Scalarworks LDM
Colt AR6720 w/ Scalarworks LDM

The Aimpoint Micro seems to be floating in the air over the receiver with this mount. I am eagerly waiting getting on the range with the LDM. Some very minor modifications have been made to the LDM mounts, due to user feedback and I think the LDM is looking like a rock solid piece of gear.  As soon as I get some rounds down range, I will report back with an in-depth review.

Some more of our pictures of the LDM/micro mount can bee seen here: Scalarwoks-LDM/micro-Mount Pictures

You can see more pictures of the LDM mount at Scalarworks Facebook page (Scalarworks Facebook).