Brian’s Best and Worst Products 2014


Hi, I am Brian of and I am pleased to join as a contributor. Here are some of my favorite products of 2014, though some of them are not *new* products.


Sierra match kings 69 grain bullets: Its nice having a favorite loading based around this product as I found it easier to find than the 77grain ammo during the scare and it was plenty accurate to help me learn the ins and outs of shooting to 600 yards. Its not a new product by any means, but its a fantastic boost to any rifles capabilities past close ranges.


ALG defense QMS trigger: Its a affordable upgrade to any single stage stock trigger. Smooth with no grit, and very little to go wrong. My next step up will be a Gieselle, but for now this works on a budget.


Armalight NM 1/2×1/2 match rear sight: Quality drop in sight replacement that exceeded my expectations. A raised edge keeps the sight square against the receiver without pins or double spring setups. I utilized this to shoot a basic rifle in NRA High Power and it was a solid piece of equipment.


Aero Precision M4E1: While I just received it, the fit and finish and simplicity of the design make it extremely easy to swap barrels and rails. The platform is stiff and feels robust. I have good confidence that going into the 2015 competitive season, that this receiver will perform well.


Giesselle Reaction Rod: Made building my rifles quick, easy, and the product will last forever. I can only hope my kids take advantage of it and build AR15s for decades after it is passed down to them. Even if they don’t build AR15s it will make a hellacious club.

Let Down: Haley Strategic G Code holster. Not a comfortable choice. I have been wearing it for a year now and I have broken a screw during casual use and overall it just isn’t the most comfortable IWB experience for me. I am a thin guy so that may play a part, but as of this point I’m looking for a better product.