Several years ago I ran across some stats and numbers  about shootings in New York City with the focus on the NYPD.  I recently ran across it again and thought I would share it here as a lesson. It should impress those who think the police will always be there to save the day and doubt the need for proper defensive skills.

The numbers are from Combat Tactics magazine 2008  compiled by NYPD statisticians.  Not all of the number are included, just what I felt was interesting or relevant. And, those that make a point for those whose goal is to train to protect themselves.


Shooting Statistics  NYPD  2005

123 Shootings.

166 officer involved

616 rounds fired total

17.3 shots fired per incident



The four types of shooting

Gunfights : when officers exchanged fire with non LE.  16 incidents, 13 percent

Other shootings vs subjects : when police fired at subjects who did not return fire.  43 incidents, 35 percent

Dog shots: when the LE shot at dogs. 32 incidents,26 percent

Accidental:  just like like it sounds, when the LE accidentally fires his gun.  24 incidents, 19.5 percent


Other: misc.  5 incidents, 4.1 percent





The Accuracy of the shots fired at engagement ranges.

Apparently the NYPD’s skill drops off considerably beyond arms reach.

0 to 7 Yards 

officers involved 7

number of shots fired 127

Hits  65

percentage of hits 51


3 to 7 Yards

officer involved 44

shots fired  155

number of hits 68

hit percentage 44


8 to 15 yards

officers involved 40

shots fired 205

number of hits 14

percentage of hits 7



16 to 25

officer involved 7

shots fired 93

number of hits 5

percentage of hits 5


Over 25 yards

officers involved 0

fired 0

hits  0

percentage of hits 0


Shots in incidents.


In Gunfights

total number fired 276

number of hits 23

percentage of hits 8 percent


Shooting vs. Subjects

total fired 196

number of hits 59

hit percentage 30


Against Dogs

shots fired 93

total hits 57

hit percentage 61


Accidental Discharges

Total number fired 25

total of hits 10

percentage of hits 40



total fired 22

total of hits 2

hit  percentage 9



Accidental Shooting Stats

Accidental shooting incidents 24

Total of officers who fired 24

total of shots fired 25

Total number of hits 10

Percentage of hits 42 percent

Shots fired per incidents 1.04

shots fired per officer per incident 1.04


Number of rounds fired in gunfights  276

Rounds fired in one sided gunfights 196

Rounds fired at Dogs 93

Accidental Discharges  25


other ( including suicide) 26



Percentage of hits in (2004)  20 percent       percentage of shots fired in (2004) 352

percentage of hits in (2005)   8 percent        percentage of shots fired in  92005) 616








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