CompTac Flatline Kydex Holster And Leather Reinforced Gun Belt


A few weeks ago, Comp-Tac was nice enough to send me some of their product to test and use for our readers.  I received the excellent leather belt and the new Flatline kydex holster.


Having already been a fan and constant user of the Minotaur inside IWB holster, I was excited to get the Flatline.   Unlike the Minotaur, the flatline is all Kydex. But the Flatline has the very handy feature of being an inside and an outside the belt holster. Comptac sends with the holster, all the clips and adapters you need to swap it around for whatever need you may have. To use their words on the website

Flatline Clips:  are the most innovative clips on the market. made of durable flexible plastic, these clips hold firmly and securely. The plastic material is flexible enough to withstand bending and twisting without breaking and will be gentle on your belt, clothing and car seats.

The Flatline is shipped with 6 clips: Two Flatline clips, Two offset-Flatline clips and Two standard clips.”

The Flatline and its belt adapting clips, allow you to position the the holster as deep in inside your pants as you would like, or high or low on the belt. Also, you can adjust it for the cant you may like so you can get the exact draw you are looking for.  You can also adjust how close the pistol and holster hugs your body. That is a feature I greatly appreciate because it seems most of the time, I can not get a holster tight enough against me to suit my needs. And, kydex being what it is, offers a very fast slick draw and the ability to re-holster the gun without having to worry about the top closing up on you. Like other holster Comptac makes, you can also adjust the holster for retention. A lot of other small companies make great outside the belt kydex holster, but few of them let you adjust the level of retention on it with a simple tool.


The above picture shows the holster with the belt loops for use outside the belt. You order the belt loops for whatever size you want to ensure it is not loose on the belt or too tight. And as can be seen, they can be replaced easily to re-purpose into the inside the belt. You can also see the molding that fits the 1911 like a glove.  Nothing on the holster is rough or sharp. I have been wearing it for a little over two weeks and it is very comfortable. The extended portion that protects your skin or shirt from the gun is very welcome. Even if the gun does not hurt me, I like the fact this protects the gun from my sweaty body. Either way it is something I consider very valuable for a do it all hard use CCW holster.


If you are worried the Flatline is some how bigger than other CCW holster Comptac makes, no need to worry. The picture above shows the Flatline beside the Minotaur that I have used for a very long time. The dedicated IWB holster is made from Kydex and leather with the adjustable dept clips and is about as comfy as it can get, But it does not have the versatility of the Flatline. I have even managed to secure the Flatline to a MOLLE “war belt” Using the holes made into its body.   It is very easy to adapt to what you need.  If you are looking for a holster to fill a lot of roles, and only have enough money to spend on one very high quality do it all holster, the Flatline is what I would recommend for inside and outside,  That way you can swap around and find out exactly what you want.  At 75.00 dollars, the Flatline is around the same price of most more custom made kydex holster, and cheaper than a lot of the pure custom holster made by companies that aim to make you believe that cater to the more tactical special users and all that hype.  It is a great deal and you get great quality from a company that is all about useful, quality products.


the belt I got from CompTac is as good as it gets. I really do not know how else to put it.  It is the Kydex reinforced leather gun belt and it is superb. This thing looks great, feels great, works great and is great.  It is stiff enough to hold up the heaviest of side arms and anything else you want to attach and it does not roll up or bend and it does not wear out from metal or kydex rubbing against it for hours and hours.  I have an older one of these I have had a long while and I think it may be invincible.

You can check out the options on this baby at the link above.  You can get it in black or brown and with or without a taper.  I like the no taper model myself, in brown. It looks good enough to use anytime and I use it as my belt for just about everything. But make sure you look over the chart about the sizing before you order.   You can also get the belt with velcro lining to adapt to some of the other attaching methods.


My camera is not the greatest in the world, but hopefully you can see the heavy duty stitching and high quality workmanship that goes into this belt. It is so good, if the situation becomes desperate enough, I am sure you can take it off and beat a crazy or terrorist  to death with it. I could go on and on about this belt, I really feel this is the best belt for the money I have ever seen to not be some kind of highly hand tooled show off belt ( which is not really my cup of tea anyway) or some other type not really practical.  The kydex in it makes it just right as far as the stiffness goes. I hold up a full steel 1911 with surefire light and two extra 10 round mag reloads all day all the time, and the belt has shown no wear at all. the icing on the cake is, it stays comfortable with no problems at all.  If you can only get one belt for the rest of  your life, and can not get one made of pure gold, this is the belt you should get. I know I would.

Once again, I feel Comptac has made a great and versatile holster and I am very thankful they sent me the stuff to try it out. It is always worth the money when you get gear they make and I can assure you, buying Comptac CCW gear is never a mistake.


    • yeah I like leather as well and It does look better for CCW holsters in some cases. but I would argue greatly that it is always more comfy

  1. Comp-Tac makes really nice gear for the money. One thing I’ve always liked about Greg and his crew is the fact that almost all the Comp-Tac products are constantly evolving into something better.

  2. Comp-Tac makes really nice gear for the money. One thing I’ve always liked about Greg and his crew is the fact that almost all the Comp-Tac products are constantly evolving into something better. I’ve been using their stuff dating all the way back to the days of their CTAC model.


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