Firearm maintenance

Submitted by Mark Hatfield
This week while working as a Range Safety Officer there was a fellow who had problems with each of the guns he had brought with him.  It was soon clear that each one had not been maintained.  The initial problems were caused by of lack of lubrication and proper cleaning.  When the guns malfunctioned he would try to force them to work and by doing so, would bend or break parts. This practice is not simply unsafe but a foolish waste of time and money.
On ‘muzzle loaders’ the residue from the gun powder causes serious rusting.  I have seen a number of those guns well damaged from lack of proper cleaning.  I have seen many other examples of shooters with ‘defective’ guns where the only problem was that the guns needed lubrication.  A scary thought is that some of these were guns which the owners intended to use for personal defense.
Instructions for the care of most firearms can be found on the internet.  Many gun manufacturers state that if requested they will provide a manual for any of their products.  (Noted that Ruger prominently advertises this but on the two occasions that I requested a manual from them they never responded in any way)



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