Broken AR15 gas ring.


A while back I picked up a used old Colt AR15 upper.  After I received it, when I first cleaned it I considered replacing the gas rings and extractor spring due to the clear fact that this upper had been used a good deal.  I talked to Shawn about this, and he suggested since it wasn’t going to be my go to gun, leaving it and seeing what happens.

Well a broken gas ring happened.  The upper functioned fine, and I have no idea where the broken section of gas ring went, but when I went to clean the upper yesterday I found one of the rings had failed.  So all the gas rings got replaced and a new extractor spring was dropped in.

Broken AR15 gas ring

So while this parts failure didn’t stop the gun from running, it is a good example of why we need to do preventive maintenance on anything our lives depend on.


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