German Infantry Squad Tactics in WWII


The machine gun has been a major force multiplier in infantry combat.  Unfortunately many unit leaders do not know how to employ assets like Snipers, Machine Guns, and Indirect fire effectively.

The rise of portable belt fed machine guns pretty much eliminated the tactic of the mass human wave attack.  This also allowed for smaller elements to suppress the enemy with fire so other elements could flank.

It drives me nuts when I hear people say that machine guns have no practical use.  Besides being fun they are also a cornerstone of modern infantry tactics.


  1. You are absolutely sound in your logic (and great video, btw) but you have a flawed assumption. Many of these people who support banning firearms and machine guns know exactly that machine guns are an effective part of infantry fighting, and that’s precisely why they want them gone. Machine guns aren’t aimed towards hunting or recreation. They can be used for this, but as the video shows, they’re weapons of war. The last thing these people want is us getting our hands on weapons of war. They don’t ban them because they’re fun, they ban them because they’re dangerous. And I think you would agree with me in saying that citizens should be able to have dangerous weapons. We might as well call them what they are.


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