Earth tones


I’ve heard it said more than once that coyote brown/flat dark earth type colors are not a good choice for the greener areas of the eastern US.

I’m no expert, but it seems to blend pretty well to me.

Just sayin’…



  1. You don’t typically move around in the prone position though. Blending into the dirt and leaf litter, sure. But a coyote brown vest 4ft off the ground is a different story. It’s not a sore thumb like UCP stuff, but there are far better choices. Boots or pants in that color, sure, but I prefer a top half that blends better with the vegetation at the level of my chest when walking around, not the dirt.

  2. Idont see many green animals around where I live, very few around the world that wouldn’t be better described as a greenish brown (describing of course those that aren’t vivid green as a display like certain birds and fish). Hell, half the year everything is white around me, yet the moose seem to do just fine at hiding until I almost run into them anyway.


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