First impressions of the Colt AR15A4







I carried a FN M16A4 while I was in Iraq.  When I heard that FN was going to see FN AR15s, I planned to get one.  However after looking into the options, I choose to get the Colt instead of the FN.  My local dealer received this Colt AR15A4 from MGE Wholesale.

Colt AR15A4The rifle came in a standard cardboard Colt box(not pictured) and included a chamber flag, 1 thirty round P-Mag, a M16A2 manual, and a gun lock.

2014-05-15 15.33.17

The Colt AR15A4 came with a pretty nice Ambi-safety.  For this rifle I will be replacing this ambi-safety with a standard safety, I will be using it on another of my rifles.2014-05-15 15.36.13

The upper has M4 feedramps.2014-05-15 15.36.24

Much to my surprise, it is not a F marked front sight base.2014-05-15 15.37.09 2014-05-15 15.37.50 2014-05-15 15.37.55Pulling the handguards off, I found that the barrel was stamped 3/14, so it is rather new production.

I am looking forward to shooting this rifle.


  1. Are they using a fully shrouded firing pin? The notched hammer has given me problems in the past via catching the firing pin and causing malfunctions. Overall I would love to have a Colt. Looks like a sweet weapon.

  2. I purchased the Colt AR15A4 the day after it was released for sale to the public. I carried this rifle (with BURST selector) in the military towards the end of my career (the original Colt M-16 model I carried had single and then full auto option with the triangular front hand guards). Anyway, it took 49 days from order date until receipt of the AR15A4 rifle. Although it cost a pretty penny, I was not disappointed. Besides, most things people really want they are willing to pay for regardless of cost. I am presently looking to purchase the FN-15 in 20″ barrel length next. Why? Because they are still available and if for no other reason, I want one. It will cost about $1k with a 10% military (retired) discount through a local firearms dealer. The Colt AR15A4 was $1.4k with no military discount available from another local firearms dealer that I purchased it from. I believe either the Colt AR15A4 or FN 15 in 20″ barrel configuration will be accurate weapons platforms. Besides, I have 2 grown son’s and do not need them fighting over a damn rifle one day after I take up permanent residency at The Dirt Garden. This way, they can each own a full sized AR-15 courtesy of “ole’ dad”.

  3. I just bought a AR15A4 on 8/5/16 and the barrel is stamped HBAR 1/9 instead of just 1/7, it is 20″ Go figure that. I guess Colt is using up spare parts.


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