Accurate Armory’s Serious Fighting “M4” Carbine


A few weeks ago a local Kentucky MFG of fine firearms was  gracious enough to provide us with a carbine to test and write about. The name of the company is Accurate Armory/ Accurate Tool, and they have an excellent reputation here that I know about first hand. I had been very exited about trying one of the guns out first hand since 3 of us live in greatest state in the republic, so this was something we wanted to do.  I will tell you first off I am not one bit impressed with another well known Ky AR15 rifle, parts and  1911 clone maker in the state that most have heard of. A few friends, and even one looserounds staff memeber has tried multiple guns from double star, and have seen nothing special.   But this time.  I was very impressed.


I am going to cut right to the heart of this article, then follow up with some details.  The one thing I want to get across about the test M4 was that it was superb. We tried, and I do mean we gave it our best shot to see if we could get the gun to quit.  It never did.  I fired so many mags through it so fast that even the carry handle was too hot to touch.  Even with mechanics gloves on, I could feel heat close to discomfort while the gun ran like it was no big deal.   At one point, another shooter fired twelve 30 round mags through it as fast as he could get it done with no problems.  The gun is no hobbie gun or dirt shooter, it is built with care using as good as parts as the maker could put together, with much of the work being done in house.

When I think of this carbine, I think of a serious gun, made for serious work with the quality and attention to detail put into thinking it would see real abuse and still be expected to work.  It lives us to my opinion of it.  I am hard to satisfy when it comes to AR15s and only a couple of companies live up to what I expect a gun made for fighting to be.  But this simple carbine was what I expect a fighting gun to be.  Obviously I would add a few things or make some slight changes, but its whats inside that counts and in this case its the quality on the inside that makes it shine when the abuse started. And we shot it an incredible amount.   I tried to beat this gun down, but I got tired of trying, so I guess it may have gotten the best of me.


Now to talk about this beast a bit, I want to point out some of its features.  While ostensibly it is just a plain M4, it actually has some very nice features and is a lot more gun then what it may seem from a fast glance.  One of the interesting things we all liked is the grip.  It is sort of a hybrid between an A1 and A2 grip.  I know it seems like nothing to really get worked up over, but its simplicity understates how nice it is and how well it feels in the hand.


The stock is an improved M4 carbine stock.  You can clearly see the added QD sling socket that can be used from either side.  This is an upgrade that I have no idea why it has not been done by every one else already.  Sure almost everyone these days will replace the factory stock, but if you are gonna sell it with the standard stock anyway, may as well make it as nice as you can. A QD socket is something I  absolutely want on my stocks and if any of my carbines had come with this feature I would very likely have just stuck with it.  It would also be nice for new buyers who could use the money otherwise spent on upgrading the stock, on something more useful like more ammo or better optics.  It is a very worthwhile upgrade of the M4 stock and does away with the metal swivel no one uses anyway.


The gun came with this rail that replaces the plastic hand guards. It is a lot like the KAC RAS but with some nicer features. It is not free float and just does pop on easily by the owner with no special tools or effort.  Unlike the RAS, it has QD sockets at front and rear on both left and right. This is another very handy  feature and a smart feature for people who need more than the front swivel and need more options for sling mounting without having to buy bolt on parts or rig up some other less that efficient method. The gun did not come with a side sling swivel like you see on military M4s or the Colt 6920.   I  may be old fashioned,but I still also like my M4 type guns to come with the slide sling swivel. I am just weird like that. Its not a criticism, of the Accurate Armory gun, just a personal preference I like to have in case I change out the hand guards for some reason.  This M4 did have a sling swivel in the traditional place though in case you need one.  The rail did have a screw/bolt that did lock it on the gun at the bottom rear of the rail instead of the top rear like the knights RAS.


I asked the maker of the gun to give me the specs on the gun that really make it more than just its looks and I was very pleased to find out that it was built with care with an all out effort to come as close to the Colt specs as anyone not Colt can get.

The bolts specs areolts are HPT Bolt (High Pressure Tested/ Proof)
and MPI Bolt (Magnetic Particle Inspected)
Shot Peened Bolt.

This is something few of the lesser companies meet, or if they do, its only done in batches. The bolt is one of those parts that requires quality and testing to meet that quality and standard. This is one of those things you pay for when you buy better made AR15s, not “the name”  Do not kid yourself if you think otherwise.

The barrel is 1:7 twist rate, Stamped under hand guard .HP/MP,parkerized complete and 4150 steel.  The barrel is parked under the front site base and the taper pins are installed properly.  Again, if a lesser brand does not do this. it is just indicative of corner cutting to save them money while betting you will not care or know the difference.  Readers will know my feelings on the 1/7 twist and how it is the best choice for fighting guns that gives you the ability to use the full range of bullet weights in 5.56 ammo. The chamber is also the proper 5.56 NATO chamber.  Chrome lined barrel and Chamber.  And every thing is high pressure tested and proofed.  This is the specs of a serious carbine made for serious work.

I asked the owner about what exactly they made in house and this was his response.

All lowers and uppers are machined in house on 6 CNC machines.We procure blanks from Cerro Fabricated Products in VA.They both have the “keyhole” markings to prove that.
Lowers are run through 3 processes and then entered in the broach for the magwell, then 6 more processes to complete and engrave markings and serial numbers.Uppers are machined to a enhanced fit so there is no slop in our carbines. Pins will be tight in the beginning but after break in the pins push out by hand.

We test for function in our bullet trap and a spent cartridge shell casing is included in the box that we ship the guns in .We will from month to month have the Lexington Police range officer test for accuracy.”

We here compare everything against Colt rifles because the truth is. they are the gold standard, they set the spec and know how to make a combat hardened fighting gun.  Accurate Armory in my opinion, compares very favorably to a stock colt carbine. And they take the time, care and effort to bring their firearms up to Milspec.  That may not mean a lot to some people who believe all the marketing hype from newer gun makers out there right now, but the spec is a spec for a reason. And if the spec means so little. think really hard about why those “better than spec” companies can not even meet all the specs.  Think about it.

Accuracy of the gun was exactly what I thought it would be.  1 MOA to 1.5 MOA with match ammo.  Sad to say the pictures I tool of the groups turned out too blurry to post.  I did not find this out until I had already sent the gun back.  I pride myself on always showing the proof on paper to readers and I have let myself down in this regard. But hopefully you can take our word on it.


We all really liked this gun and one of us has already purchased from the maker.  you may have noticed the new ad on the right side of the website for Accurate Armory.  Howard and I decided when we started the blog we would not put up ads for companies we did not fully support and know to be quality.  That is why you see a Colt Add and some others and will never see Hesse or DPMS or some other bubba gun shop.  I think this company makes a excellent fighting carbine and it would be a good buy for anyone needing a real fighting gun.

The company is now working on a 7.62 AR pattern rifle that takes the  SR25 pattern mags like the M110 which uses the 7.62 Pmags.  We used one for a few hours but not enough for a review this time.  We will be getting one back soon and expect a full review. I will say I was impressed with it so far and really look forward to it.


Above is the Accurate Armory 7.62 pre production test rifle. I really like the PRI  HG. The rifle was very pleasant to shoot and light weight.  I am really looking forward to testing one out and will be shooting it out to 1,000 like I did the Colt 901. So if the picture got you curious check back for that review later on.




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