Introducing the Glock G45: Slimline Single Stack 9mm Perfection


Glock G45, the perfect gun?


Following on the heels of the new long slide Glock in 45ACP and the single stack .380, the new G45 simline subcompact single stack 9mm Glock has been highly anticipated.  Holding 6 rounds of 9mm in an easy to conceal package with the traditional Glock reliability.

Some worried that the smaller grip on the G45 combined with the recoil of hot 9mm loads in a small lightweight gun would make it harder to control.  That is not the case as the blocky ergonomics of the G45 give the shooter complete control over the muzzle flip.  The new G45 is super small and super reliable, it is going to give other pocket pistol makers serious competition.

The slim frame of the G45 is so concealable that it is nearly impossible to make it print when carried.


Yet the generous ergonomic 2X4 like grip makes it easy to draw and shoot.




Despite the small grip, controllability is excellent.  Fast follow up shots are easily done.


Unfortunately due to the G45 single stack nature it does not accept the legacy G26/19/17/18 Mags, it will only be a matter of time before larger factory and aftermarket mags are available.


The G45 diminutive size can make hard to spot even when open carrying.  This small black gun easily blends in with a dark belt and the folds of the carriers shirt.


Some may worry that this small single stack 9mm is only suited for deep concealment or pocket carry.  They can rest easy as the G45 can handle hot +P+ loads nearly equivalent to a .357 magnum.  This makes the G45 not that dissimilar to the old police service revolvers.  Between modern ammo choices and quick reloads, a 6 shot firearm is fully practical for law enforcement work.








You would be a fool to not buy this gun.


  1. glock does not have a G45 listed on their website. Also, the gun shops near where I live don’t have them, and haven’t heard of it being released. On a web search, there is nothing out there, other than this article. Is it a joke, or is a slimline single stack 9mm Glock (g45?) a real thing? Just not released yet? What’s the deal?


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