Quick thoughts on the Haley Strategic D3CR Chest Rig


Haley Strategic D3CR


When the D3CR was announced I didn’t think much of it.  However later I grew to like the idea of having a few mags, along with the ability to carry a pistol and pistol mags all in one small rig.  So I went to order one and found it was out of stock.

Quite a while later they finally got back in stock and I was able to get one.

Initially the mag pouches were very tight.  After a little use they have loosened up a bit and have not been an issue.  I find USGI mags slip out the best, but it can sometimes be a pain in the ass to get PMags in there.  While the rig isn’t slow, it is no where near as fast as something like a set of FastMags.  I would not want to use non-AR15 mags in those 4 main pockets.

The two General Purpose pouches are rather small.  Putting in a bandage and a tourniquet filled one up completely.  They are much smaller then I expected.

Construction appears excellent, well assembled and well thought out.

The Stuff-It pouch is awesome for holding odds and ends.  A single Saiga12/Vepr 12 mag, water bottle, Surefire 60 round mag, or SR25 mag all fit in it well and were easy to extract from it.  Inserting items was slower as they often caught on the elastic cord that makes up the sides of the pouch.

The pistol mag pouches appear to be designed for a full sized double stack mag.  My Glock 30 mags sat low in it and were slower to extract and the 1911 10 round mags high enough that using the retention elastic didn’t seem practical.  A magnet in the pouch held a lone single stack 1911 mag in place well and the pouch could fit two single stack 1911 mags in it easily.

I tried carrying a pistol(G19, G26, M1911, and an aluminium trainer as shown above) in a cheap holster in one of the side pockets.  I liked the draw and the accessibility of the pistol in that location, however I found that it flopped around too much and got in the way of using a rifle.  This set up using that cheap leather holster would not work for me.  I do not know if the recommend INCOG holster would make a difference there.

I like and would recommend the D3CR with the caveat that it is not the do every thing rig or the fastest gear available.  However if its capabilities fit your needs, it is rather nice and well made.


  1. Your Micro chest rig contain so many stuff. You have total 6 mags of different gun and have one hand gun also. You use the Micro rig every efficiently. Thanks for sharing the photo.

    • I think it is good to show different sizes of mags. For example, before I went to Iraq some of the other guys and my self bought various chest rigs with our own money. Some of the guys purchased AK chest rigs and the M16 mags pretty much disappeared in those pouches making for slower reloads.


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