Muzzle awareness.


Recently when I was at my range another shooter hit me in the back of my head with the muzzle of his rifle.

Needless to say I talked to him about it.

When I work at a Range Officer I often have to stop people from pointing their firearms at other people.  Most all these people would quickly tell you to never point a firearm at another person at the range, but as soon as they have to case their firearm, or pack up, they start swinging it all over the place.  For many people muzzle awareness only starts and stops when they are thinking about firing.

And many times these guns are loaded.  One of the holes in the roof of the gun club is from when a Range Officer told a customer to unload his rifle.  That customer reached over and pulled the trigger to show the RO that the gun was unloaded.

It is also not uncommon for someone to load or unload their firearms at the trunk of their car in the parking lot.

As always, keep your head on a swivel.  Don’t expect the people around you to be doing what they are suppose to be doing.


  1. Recently, as a Range Safety Officer, I found a fellow pointing his handgun at me at close range, then at two other people when I mentioned this to him. He always had his finger on the trigger. While manipulating his gun he explained that it was not loaded, then pulled the slide back part way and saw that there was a round in the chamber. He ‘unloaded’ his gun and a moment later again demonstrated again that it was unloaded only to find that he still had a round in the chamber.

    Later, he started down range to work on his target before anyone was cleared to do so, three times. The instruction after the first time didn’t seem to sink in. He then most clearly indicated that he didn’t think it was any big deal. That was the only time I cussed somebody out while I was on the job and even chose to do so over the public announcement system.

    • J.C. MARK!!! Twice he failed to empty his chamber,still dosn’t know whats going on around him and walks down range while people are STILL SHOOTING!!!!!!!!
      No offense,if I was the RSO 3strikes your OUT,for the rest of the day. And if they have an “atitude about it,for longer………..

  2. If you spend enough time at a firing range, you’re bound to see some crazy things. Those are about as crazy as it gets. I have also seen very similar things at the range. However, I was ‘just another shooter’, not a range safety officer at the time. In the two instances above, had I been a range official, I would have exercised the right to refuse that shooter access to the range until AFTER he/she successfully completed a firearms safety course approved by me.


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