A couple of observations from the range.


Wolf Ammo oiledIt is not a very good idea to oil your ammo with penetrating oil.

Recently I have seen a few scopes come off rifles under recoil.   Buy good mounts, and make sure that they are installed correctly and you can often avoid the problem.  In the picture below the mount came with the wrong screws which were too short.  The scope came off giving the owner of the rifle a nasty cut.

TC Encore scope mount

I saw a new bipod called the “Flex Bipods”.  While it is not a “Tactical” bipod, it is an interesting rest.  First it is rather light for its size, lighter then a comparable Sinclair F-Class bipod.  Second is that it is designed to flex, for pre-loading the rifle.  And lastly is that the feet on it(adjustable for height) are very gripy and grab the ground, carpet, and even the concrete shooting bench well.

Flex BipodThis Flex Bipod is about 20oz, breaks down small and flat for storage, has swivel and height adjustment.  Price is around $200 dollars which makes it competitively priced with its competition.  It would not be right for people who don’t use bipod pre-load.  I think it is nifity and might be good for some F-class shooters but it would not be the right bipod for me.



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