Prevention And Care Items In The Field



When I go out for any extended time in the world while hunting or hiking or anything that has me in the elements with a gun for extended time, I do a few things as precautions.  I’m not one to worry about the finish getting dinged or scratched and I don’t over clean my weapons. I’m not a clean my gun even if I fire one round, kinda guy.     But, I  do want to keep my stuff working in the field if I fine myself in some bad weather.    Normally this is not something I worry too much with Ar15s. Sometimes it is if the weather is bad enough, but mostly its to protect much more delicate then combat guns, like a hunting shotgun or something in a hiking back pack.




Above are some of the things I carry into the field depending on gun or conditions.  I keep them in a pocket and wrapped up and folded to be small as possible. With careful selection and thought, they can be something so light you don’t notice it or its negligible.

To the right is a “birth bag” from Colt firearms.   It is the tough plastic bag that Colt rifles come wrapped in from the factory., They have a rust prohibiting oil  all inside the bags since guns may set on a shelf a long time.  They are tough and do not tear easy and fit any AR15.  I fold one of them up tight and wrap a strong rubber band around them.  they weigh nothing really and will fit in any decent size pocket.  If I am out hunting with a vintage shot gun or rimfire rifle and it starts a very strong rain or sleet. I can yank it out and stick the gun inside. The oil cuts down the chance or rust and protects the gun.   Even out with an AR15 or other EBR its nice to have if the weather gets bad enough, or you have no where to set the weapon down but into soft mud or  you need to cross a deep stream.  You can imagine its handiness without my help I’m sure.


In the middle is something always in most of my gear, chest rigs, back packs, one in my jeep and again, depending on weather/situation, one in my pocket.   It is a few sections of a GI cleaning kit, some eye glasses alcohol wipes to clean optics lenses( or my eye glasses) some patches and a cleaning brush.   I learned this lesson when a friend and I went camping and the sling  on his carbine let go and the muzzle went 3 inches into the mud.   We had to clear the barrel immediately or things could have went very bad.  And of course it goes without saying I ALWAYS have a small 2 ounce bottle of lube on my person.

the last thing on the left is a plastic lubricated plastic bag for  magazines.   If the weather is bad or I have no idea what may be going on, I have at least 1 fully loaded thirty round magazine for my rifle protects and in a pocket.   I think this explains itself really.



I think its good policy.  I seriously suggest you  think about your area and a way to carry some small protective items to take care of your weapon in the field in a situation you have to act fast.  It has saved me a lot of grief and may save you too. Not everyone shoots just from a bench or buys safe queens and these items take up very little space and weight.


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