Haley Strategic Partners Thorntail light mount



I recently picked up a Haley Strategic Partners Thorntail mount for Surefire Scout lights and have been quite pleased with it. The Thorntail is made for HSP by Impact Weapon Components and like everything I’ve handled from IWC I found it to be of high quality and well made.



IMG_9190 IMG_9191

The Thorntail’s claim to fame is that it allows the light to be mounted in the previously unused space between the rail sections on a standard quad rail handguard, and that the light can be mounted further out towards the muzzle end of the weapon. It is also reversible so it can be mounted on either side of the weapon based on user preference.



The Thorntail really shines on carbine length rails as it frees up rail space and allows greater latitude in front grip/hand placement.  It also places the light in a perfect position to be activated by the off hand thumb.




I’m no Haley fanboy but on the flip side I won’t discount something just because he makes/endorses it if it proves to be a useful bit of gear. I’ve found the HSP Thorntail to be an excellent mount and would recommend them to anyone in the market for a light mount. In addition to being sized for the Scout light, the HSP Thorntail is also available with a variety of ring sizes to fit/mount most common hand held flashlights.



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