Surefire 60 Round Mag Loaded for 22 Months



Almost two years ago, I picked up a couple of the then fairly new, Surefire 60 round magazines.  I reviewed and tested them and did my best to get them to fail without damaging them.  I went on to use one of them often with no trouble since then,  The other, I fully loaded and set it aside with the intention of testing it after a year of being loaded.

I totally forgot about the mag and the 1 year point to re test it, until reading some comments by some self proclaimed experts on the error net recently and it reminded me that I had went way past my intended  1 year period.

So, after 1 year and 10 months of setting fully loaded, I took the 60 rounded out in the cold snowy weather today and did a very fast mag dump.  To add to more stress to any feeding issues, I fired the rounds through a 11.5 inch barreled Colt Commando.


I encountered no trouble at all.    I then stuffed some snow and a little ice into the mag, reloaded it fully and let it set in the snow for an hour while I went ahead with some pistol training.  I got the magazine out of the snow bank when the hour was up and proceeded to fire all the ammo without a hitch.   After two years of hearing rumors from people claiming  the mags were not reliable( when it was most likely their craptastic guns the mags were used in) I got no problems.  One of the big myths is leaving a mag fully loaded wears out the springs or weakens them or some such BS.  It doesn’t.  This is one absurd gun myth that needs to die with the old chestnut that shorter barrels are less accurate and the 1/7 twist can’t shoot light bullets.   I have tested two surefire 60 round magazines in every way I know to get them to have trouble( that is not damaging it) while using them as intended.   By that  I mean I didn’t pour powdered graphite inside them or bend the lips or beat it with a hammer,  Sure that would cause a problem, but it would for any magazine.  i also did not do some of the more absurd methods for supposedly keeping magazines working.  Use them as intended with quality firearms and ammo and I just do not see a problem. Of course there is always the occasional factory defect, nothing made by humans is perfect, but I’m sure Surefire would remedy that,   the point is, don’t be so fast to believe comments online when you have no idea what kind of El Jefe special piece of shit, said user may be using the mags in. People always want to blame something other then their precious baby they just paid hard earned money for.

I can say I trust my Surefire 60 round mags now enough to  not have any worries.  I can not speak about the 100 rounders, I don’t have one nor have any intention of buying one.  But, I think the 60 rounders are pretty good mags and are probably  reliable when taken care of and used properly in well made in spec guns. Of course none of this is scientific and really proves nothing,  but with any new mag it pays to test them well before relying on them.



  1. It’s only the polymer mags that will explode in a fervent heat from being stored loaded(according to the self claimed expert….I’m sure I’ve been warned)………I need to get me one of these, but their price point is a downer.

  2. Midway pricing

    120 rounds of Surefire = 2 mags = $220
    120 rounds of Pmag = 3 mages = $57

    Lesson….unmaintable pricing structure.

    • He sadly cannot count also. it would take 4 pmags! But you price is correct, But agreed that is not the point. Thanks Shawn. I love mine!

      • yeah obviously you can buy several for one. But as they say,. the fastest reload is when you dont have to reload or some such. to me its worth the risk to be able to have 60 uninterrupted rounds

  3. I like when folks make the effort to perform actual tests instead of just offering opinions. Thanks for taking the time to report on this test. I do have a one remark about the article above. You made a comment, “One of the big myths is leaving a mag fully loaded wears out the springs or weakens them or some such BS. It doesn’t. ”

    Modern materials have greatly reduced the effect of spring creep in firearms magazines, but your blanket statement calling it a myth is incorrect. As an engineer in the automotive industry, I’ve performed many tests on spring creep and can assure you creep is a real characteristics of metals under load. Here is an engineering definition: One physical phenomenon with metals is that at stresses below the yield strength of the material a very slow plastic deformation take place. The spring industry calls it creep when a spring under constant load lose length. When a spring under constant compression loses load, it is called relaxation. How much creep/relaxation is depends on the temperature, the stress in the metal, the metal’s yield strength and time. Increased temperature, stress and time also increase the creep/relaxation. You can read more about the topic of creep at: .

    For modern firearms magazines, the time before creep/relaxation affect performance may be many years. A local police agency recently began having problems with malfunctions in their Glock pistols. When I checked the magazines, some had been in constant service for over 15 years. The application may also make a difference. In guns with very high slide/bolt speeds, a small change in spring load may be enough to induce malfunctions.

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