ICE Training RAC Holster Quick Thoughts


The holster was kindly sent to us from Rob Pincus for T&E, M was the first “Glock guy ” to give  his initial thoughts on the new RAC . We will be having more and longer T&E review from Duncan coming soon to give a wide cross section of thoughts.So check back for a part 2.

We here at Loose Rounds recently came to be in possession of an ICE Training RAC holster for review. The holster is molded kydex with 1.5 inch belt loops which can be flipped to give a small change in ride height. It is available for 9mm/.40 cal Glocks, S&W M&P (9/9c), and Springfield XD SC’s in right or left hand models. Weapon retention is handled solely through the snug fit of the weapon in the holster with no other retention devices or adjustment in weapon tension.

IMG_0591 IMG_0594

The holster we tested is sized to accommodate the 9mm/.40 cal frame Glock handguns with the G26/G27 fitting flush. The G19/G23 and G17/G22 will fit with increasing amounts of the muzzle end of the slide protruding from the holster.

IMG_0583 IMG_0588 IMG_0589

I’ve been using the holster on and off for the last couple of months and have found it to be solidly made and comfortable to wear all day without issue. I like that it has a small footprint as kydex holsters go, given that it is made with the minimal amount of kydex necessary.

It conceals as well as any kydex outside the waistband holster can, though it still lags behind an inside the waistband holster or good leather OWB pancake holster. I don’t find kydex OWB holsters to be as good at concealment as the rigidity of the material causes it to stick out and not conform to the shape of the body. Not that any of that is a knock on this holster, it does ok for what it is.


I have two main complaints with the holster. The first is the lack of any sort of retention adjustment. The holster does a passable job of retaining the weapon without it, but I would prefer to have it. When turned upside down I was able to cause the weapon to fall out of the holster with some light shaking. The weapon isn’t going to fall out while walking, running or during most any other daily activity, but I could foresee it coming out in some of the more odd ball firing positions currently en vogue. No back flipping Spetznaz style hatchet throwing moves if you want to keep your pistol.

My second complaint is with the outer half of kydex and how it is shaped around the trigger guard. Due to its shape, when I draw the weapon I invariably hit the joint of my middle finger on the kydex. It’s nothing a bit of dremel work wouldn’t fix, but something I would think the manufacturer should address. I find it distracting to a smooth draw and will lead to a sore spot after repeated draws during a day on the range.


I found the holster to be a basic no frills model but well made and fairly priced.  I do question what role it fulfills.  It’s marketed as a range and carry (RAC) holster so lets examine that.  It doesn’t conceal well enough for me to pick it over an inside the waistband holster or a good leather pancake outside the waistband holster and without any sort of security or retention devices I would not use it as any sort of uniformed duty holster.  So that leaves using in at the range, but then why practice with a holster on the range you’ll never use to carry anywhere else.

I’m not trying to slam the holster as I don’t think it’s a piece of junk, I just don’t see why someone would pick it over a myriad of other holster choices out there.



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