Problems seen at the range.


It seems like every CORE15 AR15 I have seen at the range has jammed at some point while I was watching owner use it.  I don’t have the evidence to say damning things about the company, but I haven’t seen anything that would let me say good things about them.  A sample size of a half dozen isn’t good, but seeing a half dozen that appear to have issues isn’t comforting.

I have helped a few shooters clear squib loads recently.

1911 squibWhen ever you fire a shot that has reduced recoil, or an “inaudible pop” it is good to check to see if your round has actually left the bore.  Firing another round after a squib can have disastrous consequences.  Replacing a barrel is not cheap, however being injured by an exploding firearm can be even more expensive.

Case head separations are usually rare, but I have been seeing more of them, and reading about them more.  Perhaps due to the last ammo panic people are trying to get more uses out of each case.

Broken Shell Extractor

Spending a few dollars on a broken shell extractor may be well worth while.

High recoiling firearms can be punishing.  Nearly every day at the range we over hear someone complain about firing shotguns or Mosins.  Sometimes the recoil causes other issues.  People can drop a firearm after a surprising amount of recoil, and that recoil can break things.  For example this S&W scope mount came off a S&W .460.  The resulting flying scope hit the owner on his head and dented the Leupold.S&W .460S&W .460Dent Leupold

The owner explained that previously he was having issues with the screws in the scope rings breaking.  I keep thinking that if that recoil is breaking screws, what it must be doing to the owner of the firearm.


  1. I think alot of sub par parts are in some of the problem guns out there. We did not ship early last year due to the required mil-spe parts that would be back after the bubble burst and now we can ship Carbines with little or no issues in the supply chain that we are a part of.

  2. I have a core15, I’ve NEVER had any issues with it. I have had issues using a mag that went to Afghanistan and back, but other than that my piston m4 rocks and has been the most reliable rifle between myself and my coworkers. I work for a range and we always shoot during lunch breaks. I’ve even taught a carbine course and shot 3 gun without cleaning it. 6k rounds and still slick and clean inside. 🙂 I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I did however buy mine before the panic buying really hit. In fact I bought the day of the Sandy hook shooting.

  3. The first time I heard the “inaudible pop” was when I took my VZ61 with its shiny new SBR stamp to the range. New production Privi gave me a dud and thank god I checked that chamber. Stuck halfway down the barrel was a .32 round of ball ammo.

    Glad I didn’t blow up my Skorpion or my hands.

  4. Must all be in the uppers? I’ve got a freshly built CORE 15 lower with a BCM upper, and haven’t had so much as a hiccup. You say ‘Every” CORE 15, just how many of them do you guys shoot?
    Who’s building them? CORE 15, or a hack? Not saying this is not true, or that your shooting buddies are “hacks”, but I can’t help but ask questions when people say “every one” this or that, you know, kind of painting with a very wide brush, if you know what I mean. In my particular case, I assembled the stripped lower, but bought the Bravo Company as a complete unit in this case, and it’s purred like a kitten since round one. Also, I have no interest in CORE 15, other than I own a lower that was made by them, so, I’m not defensive about C15. Just like to hear some data and facts when someone bashes a product, on the ‘net, without specifics. Not fair to the potential buyer, or the manufacturer. However, if a person gets a piece of crap product, the supplier won’t make good on it, and has the data to back it up, then do the shooting world a favor and bash away.


    • Every factory CORE 15 rifle I have seen used at the range I work at has jammed. As I said, I don’t know if its due to the rifle or some form of user error, but that is not a good sign to me.

      For example of dirt shooters, people who shoot high volume of low quality ammunition with no regard of cleaning and maintenance, I often see jams/stuck cases/parts breakage with DPMS rifles. However rarely do I see issues when these guys use Colts. For example, in the past two years only twice I have had to hammer out a stuck case out of a Colt AR15. I get to use a hammer and rod to knock out a stuck case from DPMS rifles about twice a month.

      I know I am painting with a wide brush, but seeing every CORE15 rifle jam makes me not want to bother with them.

      • Fair enough, then. More data = more likelihood of a problem. As I said, I have a CORE 15 Lower, that I assembled, but it wears a Bravo Company CHF upper, and runs like a sewing machine. Smooth, sweet and no foul smell. 🙂

        I also do not shoot crap through it, just asking for problems that could be avoided.
        Thank you for clearing that up.


  5. I have a CORE15 in 300 Blackout and it hasn’t jammed but the workmanship leaves something to be desired. Out of the box the upper was much too loose on the lower. I’d say the trigger is better than average.

  6. I just bought a CORE15 SCOUT last week and I have a hex mag that came with the gun, and another plastic mag, and a metal mag. The plastic magazines will not lock in place. I can just slide the mag right out with no force. The metal mag, I can pull it out with a little more force but I know that’s not supposed to happen. Is anybody else having this issue or is it just me? Any help is greatly appreciated


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