D&H Flat Dark Earth USGI Magazines




While at the local Cabellas I spied a great deal on some FDE  aluminum USGI magazines for around 9 bucks. Being a fan of cheap USGI mags and FDE, I thought this was too good a deal to pass on. I also wanted to test them out being I had not had any time with the D&H brand of mags.

So far, the mags are working fine. The follower is not a magpul follower or a version of it. But, it does work fine so far. The color of the mags does match up pretty well with other FDE items. I admit I do really like FDE over black since black really does stick out like a sore thumb and I personally find FDE/Coyote tan aesthetically pleasing.


You can see how well the mag compares to Colt’s FDE factory anodizing, along with all the other FDE items on my carbine.


The bad news is.  The coating, and that is what it is, comes off very fast and very easy.  This is not something I care about since condition of finish is not even on my list of things I don’t care about but, there does not seem to be anything other then this coating.  The finish seems more like krylon  painted mags with no real finish underneath.  It is just straight up metal under the cheap useless tan finish ( paint?).  After only a few time using them mags, they are already large bright silver showing through.  Even rough rubbing with a finger nail will start to wear it off.   The mags work fine, but I could have paid 12 bucks for a Okay brand of Colt mag and painted it with a can of krylon.  I would not buy these if unless you ran across a bunch for 8 bucks and did not mind the coating stripping off when you looked at it mean.  I would buy the much better DSG FDE mags if I wanted a tan mag that was reliable, tough and had a finish that would not come off.


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