More SHOT SHOW 2014 Pictures


Some more pictures from Loose Rounds’ Field Correspondent Catherine Kim at SHOT SHOW 2014.

Some of Trijicon’s offerings this year:

1504998_429521267176582_1987644075_n 1512462_429521130509929_1498359157_n 1525775_429521183843257_1062130829_n 1546267_429521137176595_117482535_n

Below is some pictures of Colt’s new guns.  The carbine is the 6940 ambi-enhanced . with ambi lower and modular , monolithic upper.  Lower is ambi and is a 5.56 version of the 901 lower.

1010625_429521640509878_406007682_n 1012238_429521670509875_1244325871_n 1505068_429521527176556_634920471_n 1520699_429521507176558_558744943_n 1525250_429525470509495_1706069781_n 1525480_429521690509873_1036808630_n 1604874_429521583843217_1664712652_n

Here are some of H&K product for those who love HK

165960_429523650509677_728717605_n 484791_429523697176339_1368879268_n 1017563_429523627176346_373249922_n 1505599_429523560509686_54821288_n 1509296_429523587176350_1059541326_n 1521794_429523793842996_1909462846_n 1526710_429523610509681_690573179_n 1509296_429523587176350_1059541326_n

Some Misc pictures of a few interesting things.

942496_429524483842927_1783618388_n 1017121_429524967176212_1204375688_n 1426196_429525543842821_394787729_n 1506867_429524310509611_375764560_n 1601035_429524463842929_2015649445_n 1604975_429524283842947_1937758983_n

You can see a lot more pictures from SHOT Show this year on  the LooseRounds’ facebook page.


  1. Hi! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a
    quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the
    same topics? Appreciate it!

    • well, I dont really know of other blogs quite like us. we cover a wide variety, but there are other who just post about one topic. like marksmanship. or gun history etc. TheNewRifleman is a good blog if you are just learning. weaponsman is another good one.


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