The Eotech 553 (SU-231/PEQ)


I asked several people, “If fool me once is shame on you and fool me twice is shame on me, what do you call the third time?”

My favorite response was that if it happened a third time, “You’re an idiot.”

I’ve owned three Eotechs, I have owned three broken Eotechs.  I suppose that fact makes me an idiot.

I picked up an Eotech 553, an older model marked SU-231/PEQ.  This model is popular due to all the photos of SEALs and Rangers using this optic.

The battery contacts on it broke.  This isn’t a fluke, it is a known issue with this model.  SOCOM had something to say about the Eotech 553:

To all concerned:

The SOPMOD Program Management Office (PMO) is issuing this notice to all potential users of the EOTech SU-231/PEQ Reflex Sight, NSN 1240-01-533-0941, also known as the holographic weapon sight.

1. It was recently brought to the attention of the SOPMOD PMO that there exists the possibility that the SU-231/PEQ Reflex Sight made by EOTech is susceptible to failure characterized by the sight shutting off in the middle of weapon fire.

2. The failure is caused by faulty battery contacts that were incorporated by EOTech without government concurrence. (See attached image). These faulty battery contacts are susceptible to wear due to shock while the weapon is firing. As a result, the batteries may lose contact, causing the sight to shut off.

3. EOTech has qualified a new supplier of these battery contacts and the SOPMOD PMO is currently validating this new configuration through testing. By mid April 2008, this process should be complete. At that time, SOPMOD will institute a 100 percent replacement of the SU-231/PEQs that have already been fielded. Maintenance Contact Teams will travel to field units to either swap out the sights with replacements or conduct on-site field repairs. As an interim solution, the SOPMOD PMO is currently testing a field replaceable grommet that will mitigate the risk of failure. Pending test results, these grommets will be shipped as part of a field replacement kits to units that have been issued the SU-231/PEQ.

4. The SOPMOD PMO has ordered a halt on any further fielding of this item until sufficient testing has been performed on sights with the incorporated part upgrade. For those field units that have already received the SU-231/PEQ, the SOPMOD PMO strongly recommends not using those sights until they can be replaced or repaired.

Even after this I hear multiple reports of the 553 failing and that Eotech is now replacing military 553s sent in with the newer EXPS models.  I hear so many people claim the 553 is good and proven, but there are other better options.

So instead of a good and proper review, this is another rant about how I can not and will not recommend Eotech optics.  I will post a more proper review some other time, also I can’t seem to get the reticle to show up in my photos at this time.


  1. My 553 has none of the battery connection problems.The Arms qd mount works very well on myDaniel Defense Omega rails my Samson rails and my Knights Ras rail.I have Aimpoint,Trijicon,and Eotech sights and am satisfied with all of them.


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