TWANGnBANG’ s Non-Standard Shooting Positions! Raidon Tactics’ Long Range Training


TWANGnBANG posted up a class review where he shows some of the Raidon Tactics non-standard shooting position training.  I really enjoyed watching this video that I often forget about shooting long arms weak side strong handed, and other variants of things like that.

He says:

The class wasn’t exactly called this, but “Intermediate 2 Long Range Shooting” just isn’t descriptive. This class started with some RETs (rapid engagement techniques) that are easy and fast for mil-ing e-types (and people) out to about 600yds. We then went right into the practical portion of the class.

Frankie McRae, head of Raidon Tactics, generously allows me to share everything I want in my videos on their classes (except RETs), and this is no exception. That said, the overriding lesson from the course can be summarized as “use everything you have to build a stable shooting position.” If you can’t relax, then you can’t hold the rifle steady. So, we were challenged to find stuff we had with us to shove under our rifles, wedge into unsupported joints, etc.

Our “graduation” exercise was to shoot an e-type at 500yds while side prone. Our line of sight was under a barrier and over a rise in the ground in front of us, requiring us to lay our rifles sideways in order to use our scopes. It was a really rewarding experience to hear the ring of the steel in spite of being in a very awkward position.

I also show how the H59 Horus reticle in my Bushnell HDMR made aiming much easier. I am sold on the utility of having the grid at my disposal when picking a point of aim.


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