CompTac Holsters Mag Pouches and Belt T&E


Like everyone else who has carried a side arm for any amount of time, I have a variety of holsters. I have leather, kydex,  a combo of both, some  nylon cheapies, the US issue universal holster for the M9/M1911, custom IWB and even the WW2 flap holster along with should holsters.  Most of them were used once or twice and consigned to my parts bin or only make an appearance for certain uses. So it is safe to say, I am always on the look out for a better holster for my variety of uses.    So, when Comp Tac sent me an Email and asked if I was interested in T&Eing some of their holsters I jumped at the chance.   I did not pay for these myself like most of the holster  you have seen my personally review in this case, but after what I have seen so far, I have full confidence in telling you they make great stuff.  Now on to the review and the details.

I was sent two holsters, a belt and some additional things, one being a mag pouch.   The 1st holster I opened and tries was immediately my favorite.  Its name is the Minotaur MTAC Holster and I will straight up tell you. it has replaced forever my beloved Custom Kirkpatrick Leather IWB  holster.   Now I love the Kirkpatrick holster, but its just not as good or as comfortable as the COMP TAC.



The holster is a combo of leather and kydex. I doubt few people have not at least seen a picture of this model. It has become very popular locally to where I live and until now I had not tried it.  Now I fully see what I was missing and feel pretty stupid for not have tried this baby before.    The back is a nice comfortable leather and the Kydex that holds the gun in place can have the retention tightened easily by the tension screw.   The two clips that go over the belt can be adjusted as well.  The holster can be set to set deeply into you pants below the actual belt  line for deeper concealment.  I have to say I love it.   As wide as it seems, it is more comfortable then I ever imagined just looking at it.  I had tried models that kinda went by this method years ago and never liked them. Hated them.   But this is not other brands. It is superb.  Drawing the weapon is smooth and getting it back in with one had is done easy and with alacrity. Not something I could do with my custom leather holster.   The first week with it, I wore it about 10 hours ever day.= while doing everything and it never gave me a second of discomfort.  I carefully tried even my tightest fitting T shits that I would always have at least some printing with when using my other IWB holsters and saw no signs of the  gun printing or being seen.  That was just with plain white cotton T-Shirts.  With a shirt over a Tshirt the gun with this holster may as well be invisible.  The quality of the construction is everything I would want.  Again, my much loved Kirkpatrick started to have the thread come loose almost the day I got it.   It is still a fine holster, but technology and Kydex have for the most part, rendered the pure leather types obsolete when it comes to carrying a gun for long times in a more “dynamic” ( eye rolls) way then most plain leather allows.  I believe Kydex is the future and the combo of kydex with leather backing for comfort is sublime.



The other holster has no leather. It is the International Model.  It came with a variety of ways to attach it to the belt.  It has a belt loop type  a lot like use see on the Serpa, but better,  a paddle an a  extra piece to have it set lower at an offset  or drop leg.  It takes less then five minutes to swap these out or add the extra attachment and they come with the little wrench you need to accomplish the change as well as extra screws and directions for people like me not smart enough to figure it out on my own. 

This one is as well made as the other and also comes with the tension screws to adjust how hard or easy it is to draw the gun.  Unlike the serpa that has the button that helps glock shooters shot their own leg, this has no such needless device to fail you when you least need it to.  Like others of its type it can also be adjusted to set at a cant on your belt for whatever angle you like, or maybe none at all.  Of course this is not so much a CCW holster as a duty or competition holster.  Putting the off set on it allows it to easy be quickly snapped over your belt and clear a Plate Carrier or Chest Rig. That is a feature I really like.  I’m not a fan of the full drop leg type, but this is just right. it sets low enough to clear gear, but still as high up as you can get it. This keeps it nice and tucked in instead of flapping around or banging on a leg.  I have not used it in a competition setting yet, but will be soon in the further T&E articles on the holsters in thew coming weeks.   I have tried it a lot in training and have noticed how fast the draw is from it. The more open front edge allows the gun to get up and clear the holster very rapidly with no snagging.  If you adjust the tension to be very light, it  almost draws itself. Though I do not feel that is a good idea. I would keep it nice and tight and just work a little harder. With no retention at all, a holster can be dangerous.


The belt for carry is one of those times I was so impressed that I did not know what to say when I first took a look.   This thing is as tough as having sex with an E-Tool.  I love a leather belt that looks good and can be worn for any occasion. This is one of those.  Very high quality leather. Three rolls of strong stitching, reinforced and stiff with a tough buckle.  This thing is NICE. No kidding. You can see in the picture the buckle and the double loops to secure the extra length as well as the triple rivets holding it together.  It is hard for me to describe this thing well.  I’m not an expert on leather working or the terms used to describe the craftsmanship used to create them and I apologize for that.  But if you take anything  from my description, its that this belt is the highest quality belt I have ever owned or seen when it comes to a gun belt. And I have seen some fancy expensive belts before.  This belt I am sure will never roll or wear out or have the stitching come loose. If it does I will die from shock.



The last item is the mag pouch.  I asked for the single stack pouch for 1911 mags of course.  It clips over the belt  with a strong snap over clip.  It is good and stiff and stays on perfectly no matter how hard I ran or rolled around on the ground, or just plain let it hit the floor when not paying attention when taking my pants off at night.  It has the much appreciated tension screw like the holsters. I really, really love this on a mag pouch. I have so many without this feature and every one will let mags fall out when jostled about.   I use 10 round mags as my reloads even in CCW and the longer mag with a heavier load working as a lever, they want to tumble out easy if I bend over or jog when using the other mag pouches, Not this one.  I took a few seconds to tighten it up and they will not fall out. But at the same time I can draw the out as easy as falling off a frog.  I wish I had asked for a double pouch now and you can bet I will be getting more of these as well as more holsters. 

I have tried all them all on different belts and the holsters work just fine from the belt they sent to the riggers belts to a 5 dollar walmart belt made in China so don’t worry about any problem there if you are considering one of these excellent holsters.   Other then the quality , the feature I am most glad of is the comfort of the holsters, The Minataur especially.  Even setting in a car all day does not make the gun noticeable and it is so easy to snap the gun over the belt and inside the pants.  Unlike my other IWB holsters with the double button snap loops or the paddles that hang up on the pants and are just as general pain, this baby go right into place like I was born with it attached to my body,  When it comes to the Minataur CompTac I will be using it as my constant IWB  every day carry for a very long time.  Until they come up with an even better version I suppose.   

This is the first part to my testing of this gear with a longer T&E to follow to show how it holds up longer term but I have full confidence in the gear at this point and would say with confidence that Comptac is a smart buy as well as good tough  gear made a lot better then many other holsters on the market.  If you give it a try, you will not be let down.



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