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There is no doubt that Loose Rounds Staff love Dark Star Gear (DSG) holsters. Tom at Dark Star Gear was kind enough to make me a Glock 17 holster to review. I specifically wanted a Glock 17 holster for competition and training, that had a sweat guard only to the slide stop and a slight cant under 10 degrees. It has been several months (3) since Tom from DSG provided me with this holster. I like to really use a product for a while before I sign off on it. I have used numerous Kydex holsters from several manufacturers and have a few that I really like. Shawn turned me on to Dark Star Gear and honestly I was thinking to myself, how much better can a Kydex holster get.

Dark Star Gear Holster, Glock 17 RTF2
Dark Star Gear Holster, Glock 17 RTF2

Well I have to say, after running the DSG holster, it is my favorite. My other holsters see little to no use now.  After talking with Shawn and seeing his reviews of the quality of the DSG holsters, I found I was not disappointed. The quality and attention to detail on the holster was amazing. The first thing that immediately stood out were the soft loops. Once you strap the holster on with the soft loops, you understand why DSG has chosen them. They make the holster more comfortable and flexible than hard loops on other similar holsters. Because the soft loops flex and conform to your belt and body, it makes for a close and more comfortable fit than hard loops.

I immediately started running the holster hard to get a feel for it. I spent the first hours with the holster doing one hundred (100) draws and fire from conceal carry. The holster had the right balance of retention and speed from the draw. I then started to carry the DSG holster every day for CCW and range use. It was not long before I was invited to a Combat Focus Shooting (CFS) class by Rob Pincus. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to run the DSG holster in a serious, equipment demanding, defensive firearm course. In one day, I had already shot 500 rounds, drawing from the holster while, moving, running, turning and firing under stress.  The DSG holster exceeded all of my expectations and I had several others in the class ask me about the holster I was carrying.

Dark Star Gear Holster at CFS course
Dark Star Gear Holster at CFS course

On the first day of CFS, I had the DSG holster on a total of sixteen (16) hours. I never felt the holster, it did not dig into me and was by far the most comfortable holster I’ve worn in over a decade of law enforcement training and civilian conceal carry (CCW). Tom at DSG also pointed us in the direction of Volund Gearworks ATLAS belts. I used this belt in the CFS course with the DSG holster and it was the perfect combination for me. They are my go to CCW and range gear.

I have not counted the actual draws from the DSG holtser but at this time it is well over 2000 in training. This does not including administrative holstering and unholstering of daily CCW carry. My wife (Cassie) has also been using the DSG holster for carry and range use. She also feels it is the most comfortable holster for her and has referenced it in several of her articles.

Dark Star Gear Holster w/ Glock 17 RTF2
Dark Star Gear Holster w/ Glock 17 RTF2


It is safe to say that the Loose Rounds Staff is firmly behind Dark Star Gear. For the price, turnaround time, quality and comfort, DSG is hard to beat.  This is one damn fine, tough and reliable holster as well. I have not noticed any wear on my firearm finish with all of the use of the holster. Not that it really matters to me but I know some people worry about it.

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