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Cassie Larsen submitted this article. 

When I started thinking about conceal carrying, I was concerned about the printing of the firearm. How was I going to carry on a daily basis and keep the firearm safe and hidden. My husband, who has been conceal carrying for over a decade, said that I would have to adjust my clothing options if I was serious about conceal carry. I don’t know about you, but I was not happy with the idea of having to change my style of clothing, to a possible bigger, baggier, clothing style for conceal carry. After some time playing around with my current wardrobe, I am pleased to report I have many outfits that I can conceal carry very easily. Now, when I go to the store to buy new clothes I ask myself, “Can I easily conceal carry in this?” If my answer is no, then I look to buy something else.

Not a good conceal carry option for me
Not a good conceal carry option for me

I’ve read many articles that talk about downsizing your gun in the summer to still conceal carry. Many suggest carrying a 380. What if you can’t afford to buy a new gun or don’t want to down size your current caliber? In all the pictures in this article, I will be wearing a full size or mid size Glock. This will show you, you can still dress for the weather and conceal carry a mid to full size firearm. Once you understand that you can conceal a mid to full size firearm, like a Glock, you will have no problem concealing a smaller firearm.

Another thing to think of is where you are going to be carrying. You want to be consistent with where you carry, and where you practice drawing from. To me it would be confusing to carry at a different location per my outfit choice. I would hesitate when the time came to draw my firearm. Where is my gun at today? Is it on my thigh, in a belly band, strong side holster or appendix carry. If you need or want to carry in another position, remember to practice drawing from that position so that you can be efficient and consistent .


This is a normal button up shirt, it’s not baggy or a larger size then I normally wear. I did need to be more conscious when I bent over with this setup, because you could see the bottom of the holster. If someone was staring at my butt, at that moment, they would see the bottom of the holster, maybe that would make them stop though. I wouldn’t normally wear a Glock 17 but if I need to, I have clothing options that would work with it.

Volund GearWorks ATLAS belt, Dark Star Gear kydex holster, Glock 17
Volund GearWorks ATLAS belt, Dark Star Gear kydex holster, Glock 17

This is one of my favorite shirts, I have it in two different colors. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work because it’s a very shear shirt. But with the right gear you can’t see anything. Since this type of shirt is thin, it works well on hot days. I do recommend a IWB holster with a sweat guard so you don’t have any pinching or rubbing from the gun.

ATLAS belt, IWB kydex holster, Glock 19
ATLAS belt, IWB kydex holster, Glock 19

This shirt has a elastic bottom which makes it gather. This actually makes it a great conceal shirt. I can OWB carry without having the holster show, since the elastic gather hooks under the holster, it keeps everything in place, even with movement. There was no imprint difference with OWB or IWB carry.

ATLAS belt, IWB kydex holster, Glock 19
ATLAS belt, IWB kydex holster, Glock 19

Tank Top & Shorts:

This tank top is fitted in the back and I had no way to carry in my normal strong side carry. I thought I would try Appendix carry since this shirt gathers a little in the front. Also, to show another position for conceal carry. At first I didn’t think Appendix carry would be comfortable with the mid-size Glock 19. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and easy it was to conceal with Appendix carry. I was so excited about the possibilities of concealment, with Appendix carry that I tried on many of my more fitted shirts. They worked much better with Appendix carry. I will definitely be exploring this carrying position a lot more in the future.

Appendix carry is something my husband is leaning towards. One thing that is very important with Appendix carry, is to get a quality Appendix carry holster.

Appendix Carry
Appendix Carry

Skirt options:

Who would think I was carrying a mid size firearm wearing a pencil skirt? I have several skirts that have belt loops, I thought why not try my gun belt with them.  I noticed with my current IWB holster, and Glock 19, wearing it with my skirts didn’t work well. My skirts either sit on my hips or high almost to my belly button without a holster. With my IWB holster my firearm was sitting too high on my back, or making my skirt fit weird. With the OWB holster, it was much more comfortable and my firearm was easier to access.

ATLAS belt, OWB kydex holster, Glock 19
ATLAS belt, OWB kydex holster, Glock 19

My Jean skirts all have loops too, which means a gun belt and holster will work well. Most women have a few cardigans in their closets. A cardigan is great for conceal carrying, just throw one on over any shirt and your good to go. I recommend buttoning up a few of the bottom buttons, you wouldn’t want your shirt to move and show your gun.

ATLAS belt, Dark Star Gear kydex holster, Glock 19
ATLAS belt, Dark Star Gear kydex holster, Glock 19

Wish list:

I am looking for a good conceal carry purse, for when I wear a dress. I would also like a belly band holster, for clothes that I can’t securely use a holster with. I’d like to try a pair of compression shorts. I’ve read good things about them, not sure if they are a gimmick or actually a good item. I’m also going to be in need of my own Appendix carry holster. I think my husband has created a monster… I now understand his constant researching and looking up new gun items on line. Maybe we will have to work out an agreement each new gun item he gets, I get one too.

ATLAS belt, IWB Holster, Glock 19
ATLAS belt, IWB Holster, Glock 19


Warmer weather is no reason to stop carrying your firearm. Hopefully I’ve been able to show that you can still carry your mid/ full size firearm even with less clothing on.  It is important to remember, without the proper quality equipment (i.e. gun belt, holster) you are not going to conceal well.  In all the pictures in this article I am wearing a dedicated conceal carry gun belt and quality kydex conceal holsters.

Personally, I am happy I can carry for protection and still keep my style.



  1. Love this article! I’ve been carrying a Glock 26 and having trouble hiding it this summer! I’m the chapter leader for The Well Armed Woman Central Ohio Chapter and conceal carry options is going to be the topic I’ll be discussing this month with the ladies. I’m going to show them this article!

  2. Mindy, I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. Hopefully the article will be a help to your chapter as well. I follow The Well Armed Woman on Facebook and Pinterest so I am familiar with it. I’ve written an article about the Volund Gearworks gun belt that I have on in these pictures if you are interested in that. There are also a few articles about the Dark Star Gear kydex holsters too. If you have any questions or if I can be of any help you can email me at duncan@looserounds.com. Thanks, Cassie

  3. Excellent article and advice. Just be prepared to replace your tops because sooner or later your firearm will wear a hole in your shirt from rubbing against the fabric.

  4. Thank you for posting this ; I sent this link to my wife who trains with a G19 but carries a Shield due to the thickness of the Glocks grip.

    One thing you might want to consider is wearing a tank top under your clothes. I appendix carry two G19s and having a cloth barrier between myself and my kydex holsters goes a long way.

  5. Cassie, I appreciate all of your articles – this one’s no exception! Negotiate not only for one to one gun items but one to one guns … maybe your own blog! Thanks for posting!

  6. I haven’t been able to find a conceal carry purse I like yet either. My Shield 9mm fits in the back pocket of my Vera Bradley Hipster purse without printing but I can’t carry one in the pipe with it due to the lack of holster. And I like the fact that my Vera purses are machine washable and am not likely to want something else. And I am completely grossed out by the leather smell of leather purses. And I don’t like bulky purses with all kinds of metal bling or whatever. Looks like I need to learn to sew and make my own.

    But I want a belly band- as I find most jeans uncomfortable and yoga pants a much better option. And unless I’m going out somewhere fancy or to work (where they won’t let me carry… thankfully we have security and scan-to-enter doors… government…), yoga pants or shorts are my go-to item.

  7. I loved the article! I carry a Glock 19 IWB and an FNS-9 in my purse. I have had good luck carrying with draw string shorts in my Galco Kingtuk holster as long as my ammunition is light (such as frangible).

    Also you may want to look into Coronado purses. They are made in California and are absolutely gorgeous.

  8. I’ve been looking into obtaining a concealed weapons permit but was concerned about where I would carry my gun. I had never considered keeping my gun in a separate pocket of my purse. I’ll make sure that when I do obtain my permit the accessories I pick for carrying my gun will not hinder my draw and use it quickly.


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