Windex and corrosive ammo.


There are many of us that shoot corrosive ammo, sometimes because its surplus is cheaper, or because all the factory ammo we can get in some rarer calibers is corrosive.  The problem is rust.  Shooting corrosive ammo leads to rust.

For example, I shoot 5.45×39.  All the 7n6 surplus ammo is corrosive.  Now some other people on the web talk about how they can shoot thousands of rounds over multiple sessions with out rust but if you look at where they live, it tends to be very dry areas.  Here in Florida, I find rust on parts with in hours of shooting.  I’ve found rust on chrome lined, melonited, diamondbonded, ionbonded and nickleboroned parts.  So cleaning is crucial.

It doesn’t matter so much how you clean, but that you clean away the corrosive salts.  That brings me to my point.  Many shooters I know use Windex to clean after shooting corrosive ammo.  They swear by the Ammonia in Windex.  Thing is, Windex uses Ammonia-D.  Ammonia-D is pretty much water and alcohol.

Now if Windex works for you, don’t stop using it.  But if you are looking for an ammonia based cleaner, find something that uses real ammonia.



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