Nostalgic Brown Leather US Holster For A Great Price




I have always really liked the look of the older WW1 and WW2 brown leather  holster for pistols used by the US Military.    Of course I didn’t like them enough to pay the price it would take to get an original but I had no use for a Cheater then dirt ultra craptastic  copy.  I had seen some really nice remakes on and off over the years but they might as well be original when it came to the price.   Until a few months ago I found out about Pacific Canvas & Leather.    I was told about this company after the editor bought a holster for his father in law.   I ordered the standard model with double mag pouch for myself, and the  Cavalry dismount version and pouch for my own Dad.    The price for the holster ran around 40 dollars so I was apprehensive until I got the holster.   They were everything I hoped for and more.

The leather, as you can see in the pictures are just the right color. It is soft and supple but also thick enough to protect what they hold perfectly.  The stitching is strong and done right.  The quality really did amaze me.   There are copies that cost more but I just can not imagine paying more for a repro and get a level of quality so much better then these, to justify it.  They are that good!   I could easily seem them costing double the price and it still being a great deal considering the  quality.

I had never seen the dismount holster before and was really pleased.  I like the more common model everyone has seen the most. But the Cavalry model has some very cool features.


One of the things I really loved is the thigh tie down strap.  Instead of the normal leather thong, is is a leather buckles and strap. You can see in the picture how much more secure and comfortable it would be.  It would of course be slower then the thong, but man, that was back when they made stuff to last and be strong.


The dismount model is pretty much a “drop leg” holster. It hooks to the normal canvas web belt with the eyelets. It will not allow you to slide a regular pants belt through the back of it like the standard models do.  To use it on a pants belt or Sam Brown belt, you have to buy the slider adapter that you see the hooks connected to in the picture above.    The mag pouches have the open back to slide almost any belt through and need no adapter.

I put them on a brown leather belt and hiked around for a few days to see how they felt.   They wore great. And its a nice nostalgic throw back just for fun and a  way to carry around a plain government model with class.    It is important to remember though, as cool as nostalgia and retro is though, that’s all it is. DO not mistake these as useful fighting holster for modern times when compared to what the industry and current training offers. So don’t get crazy or fall into the same wrong headed thinking as some of the guys declaring M16A1s and M1 Garands better for defending your self then modern rifles.  Sure, they can, but anything will work in a p[inch when nothing else is around, but only a fool would choose them over something better and more efficient.


The company makes a lot more then these items , like sniper M1 variant leather cheek pads and  WW2  repro shotgun shell pouches and holsters for other handguns and revolvers.  So, maybe you can find something else you like.



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