ADCOR Ambi-safety


Article submitted by Joshua Berry.
Ambidextrous Safeties seem to be all the rage right now. While there are plenty of companies putting their own spin on things one company stood out from the rest.
ADCOR Ambi Safety
AMBI is owned by Mike Brown who is the inventor of the ADCOR B.E.A.R., but he has also created one of the most innovative safeties I have ever used. Mike was nice enough to send me one for review, and I was more than happy to do the reviewing.
Normally I am not a very big fan of ambi safeties, I often find them hitting my finger when I go to disengage the safety, or I snag it slightly so its half between safe, and half between fire causing my rifle to do nothing. This is one reason why this safety caught my attention in the way that it did,
Just looking at this safety it would appear to be a standard safety, but there is much more to it than that. It is designed to be quickly reversed on the fly, instead of your typical lever on both sides. This is done in a unique way using a detent that captures a spring loaded lever that engages the safety bar.
ADCOR Ambi Safety
Switching from one side to the other is very simple. First I had to put it in the fire position, then you press this little level on the safety with a bullet or in my case a small hex wrench.
ADCOR Ambi Safety
While pressing on on that button you push the safety up and it pops right off. Then you just go to the other side and it slides right on to the safety bar.
ADCOR Ambi Safety
ADCOR Ambi Safety
Their was one complaint I have about this lever though. I found that there was some slight wobble in the lever when it is attached, and This is to be expected given the design and it not being a one piece system or a screw mounted system. Because it is only held in place by a spring loaded lever this leads to some tolerences that can be a hair lose. It does not affect its ability to keep your rifle from being fired, and it does not make it a weakness in the system. I would say its more of an annoyance if you care about that.
Overall It really is a great safety. It functions just like your normal safety would, but it can be swapped to either side making it the most unique and innovative ambidextrous safety I have ever used. If you are like me and looking for an ambidextrous safety but do not want one that has 2 levers then this is the safety for you. I highly recommend it.
You can get them from for $58.53 putting in line with most aftermarket ambidextrous safties.



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