Home Defense Firearms, Gear, Planning and Tactics Articles


Over the next few weeks I will be focusing on home defense firearms, support gear and tactics to safely move through your home during a critical incident. I will cover topics on rifle vs. shotgun vs. handgun for home defense, what support gear you should have, i.e. lights, optics, safes, ammunition, family planning and tactical navigation through your home. In these articles I will address considerations of the type of home you live in and whether you have children or other family members in the home.

Clearing Hallway with Glock 17
Clearing Hallway with Glock 17

If this topic interests you and you have questions you would like addressed about these topics, Email me at Duncan@looserounds.com. I will try to answer your questions throughout various articles on home defense. As these articles are completed I will link them bellow so they are easy to find here.

Selecting a Home Defense Firearm



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